Man suspected of shooting Milliken arrested

Ja’mari Alexander-Alan Jones

The man suspected of shooting and killing DeShawn Milliken in a Bellevue bar Christmas Eve was arrested in Lakewood Wednesday evening, according to the Seattle Times. Milliken, who has strong CD ties, was 30.

The suspect, 19-year-old Ja’mari Alexander-Alan Jones, was charged with the crime last week, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Though young, Jones has already made headlines for being one of the juveniles who pleaded guilty to killing Ed “Tuba Man” McMichael in 2008. He was pulled over for driving an allegedly stolen car, and the officers arrested him once he realized who he was.

The Times has more details on the shooting, which took place in the crowded Munchbar:

Video footage shows Jones talking with a man near Milliken and his younger sister, Destiny Milliken, 21, according to the court papers. DeShawn Milliken seemed to recognize Jones and then tackled him as his sister appeared to fight with the other man, Michael Cheatham. Cheatham had entered the bar with Jones. About eight seconds later, DeShawn Milliken turned away from Jones, but was then tackled at the waist by Cheatham.

That’s when Jones brandished a gun, pointed it at DeShawn Milliken and fired at least five shots, according to charging papers. Milliken died at the scene, according to the King County Medical Examiner’s Office.

UPDATE: Friends and family of Milliken remembered him today at First AME Church on 14th Ave:

8 thoughts on “Man suspected of shooting Milliken arrested

  1. “Milliken seemed to recognize Jones and then tackled him as his sister appeared to fight with the other man”

    I wonder if we’ll find out why Milliken and his sister started the fight? Any ideas why Milliken attacked Jones?

    • Do you just lurk in these stories to put your 2 cents in? FYI your comments are not needed. Nobody cares what you have to say. An innocent, great man lost his life. Show some respect. If it was you that lost their life or even one of your family members you would want the same respect. You wouldnt want others speculating, get a life.

      • Dear Seattle Reader,

        This is a news/blog site rather than a memorial service. The details as to what happenned and why are the news. If you are looking for a place of great personal peace and meditation head for the mosque and avoid the news. Many of us are interested in finding a deeper understanding of why people are dying here. Why did this man die? I think it is the ultimate respect to want to find out what happened. We could all just cry and wait for the next man or child to be shot down, or, we can ask questions, find answers, and work towards solutions. How many deaths have we prayed over and than done nothing to learn from it?

      • Agreed. The news is a terrible place to visit if you are grieving. I, too, am curious about what lead up to this tragedy and why this punk is charged with 2nd instead of 1st degree murder. My condolences for your loss.

      • I understand where you are coming from but my comment to “mikebee” was not the first. On the last post he felt the need to search whatever negative he could find about the victim saying “he is not so innocent” which is completely uncalled for. Regardless, there are ppl out there that know what this all stemmed from and I am sure the police know as well. As I said tho, the comment mikebee made on the first article was completely uncalled for. Thank you for your kind responses and not being jerks like most are on this site. :)

  2. Folks here seem pretty realistic and fair to me. It is very odd for a person who thinks most people are jerks to be admonishing a contributor that is presenting simple facts relative to the story. Why do you feel the need to control what others say or think or read and to go on and call names all while claiming the high ground. Seattle reader – classic Seattle.

    Yes Mikebee has made other simple statements of fact without resorting to personal attacks.

    • MikeBee is just about the facts and asking for additional information. The “code of silence” is responsible for deaths and will be unless truth and humanity prevails with people comming forward. Once a criminal is convicted they need to be permantly banned from the CD by the courts, we are not a containment zone!

      • I am not trying to control anything said by anyone. As I said, pointing out imperfections of someone who just had their life stolen from them is wrong. That is my opinion and that is how I feel. End of story.