Crime Roundup: Road rage with a gun, pellet gun drive-by, stolen wagon + more

Here’s a look at some recent crime incidents in the neighborhood in recent weeks. Most information is from Seattle Police Department reports.

ATM robbery: A man reported he was the victim of an armed robbery around 3:30 Tuesday morning near at an ATM near the Seattle U campus. According to a security bulletin released on the incident, police were called to 14th and Spring about 90 minutes after the reported robbery. There were no details on what type of weapon was used in the crime. The victim described the suspect as a black male in his 40s, 6′, slim build and wearing a white hoodie with a dark jacket at the time of the mugging.

Road rage with a gun: What started as an apparent road rage incident over a parking space near 14th and Spring almost got much worse around 11:30 p.m. December 1. An angry man pulled a gun when a passer-by got involved in the argument before speeding away.

Laptop grabbed at 23rd and Judkins:11:30 a.m. December 3. Details from the Police report:

Pellet gun drive-by: After many car windows were shot out on 24th Ave S December 4 by some people with a BB gun, a man was shot by, likely, the same people. He told police he was walking at 24th and Lane when he heard the pellet hit him in the arm. He described the vehicle as a red/maroon four-door car. He declined medical attention (his leather jacket took a lot of the force).

12th Ave gas station robbery: A man told police he was robbed at gunpoint while sitting in his car at a gas station on 12th Ave Monday morning just after 7 AM:

SOME JERK STOLE THIS WAGON: Speaking of the Grinch, here’s a report from 24th and Pike with a lot of bah humbug:

On Thursday afternoon, around 3:30pm, a man described by my neighbors as a 6′-1″, 290 lbs African American wearing all white emerged from my front porch carrying a box, walked down the street a bit, then went back and took my three year old son’s little red wagon, put the box in it, and continued north down 24th Avenue. They called the cops, there is a case number, but nothing was recovered. This morning I saw a couple boxes further down the street, torn open, from an address on 21st.

So, tis’ the season to guard packages on your porches. And if you see an abandoned old RadioFlyer metal wagon with a rusty bed, please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Crime Roundup: Road rage with a gun, pellet gun drive-by, stolen wagon + more

  1. We also had a Christmas tree stolen off of our front porch last Saturday night / Sunday morning around 22nd and Marion. Admittedly, it was our fault for leaving it out there (hadn’t yet gotten a stand so didn’t want to bring it inside), but just goes to show really nothing is off limits. ‘Tis the season indeed…

    • Hey Mike. It is not your fault to have left a tree or a wagon on the porch. What is our fault is tolerance of criminals in our neighborhood. No amount of security precautions and paranoia will protect us from a society that encourages and promotes violence and crime within a containment district known as the CD. And we CD residents willingly abide, even, encourage our status as the center for violence.