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Bike Stolen from 1600 Block of S Weller St

Sorry for the old post. I tried posting the day it happened but the CD site was still having issues.

Sometime during the night on 11/26, someone stole my bike from outside our townhouse. It had a u-lock and bike chain but someone must have had bolt cutters and really wanted that bike. The bike was behind our fence and not visible from the street or driveway, so someone must have been cutting through our yard or (hopefully not) casing the place.

Our neighbors house was also recently broken into. I don’t have all the details, but they broke a window on the first floor to get in…

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    • Good point, JohnS. I didn’t mention in my post that I did file a report online. I never heard anything back but i’m sure they get a lot of reports like these…

    • One should always rush down to the Recycle Depot on Rainier the morning after a theft. Bycicles, gutters, ladders, kitchen sinks, care wheels, lawn mowers, all such stolen items are sold at the Recycle Depot for a couple bucks to by crack. The owners of the Recycle Depot are great supporters of theft and drug use in our community.

  1. I didn’t see a description.
    I’ve bought one used bike for my store since that time, a Diamondback Insight.
    Also, I’m working on a new website so I can post with photo all the store bikes for people wanting to buy or check for stolen bikes.

    One used bike (red Magnum Excitor full suspension) has been stolen from a customer– that I sold to him for $25! They climbed onto his back porch and cut the cable.

    The Bicycling Store (.com)
    Promenade 23 Plaza

    • Another good point. Thanks, David. I rewrote my post so many times back when the CD site was having issues and each time it rejected the post, i put less and less detail into my post. Should have just copy/pasted :)

      it was a green Trek mountain bike with slicks. I can’t remember the model (i’ve had it since college). the only distintive feature was the bright green-yellow water bottle holder.