Smith, Pettigrew win CD state and federal seats, Inslee, pot, R74 & charter schools ahead

So, Central District, how was your election night? Judging from the deafening cheers inside the Neighbor Lady election party when Obama was projected winner of Ohio, I’d say most CD residents had a good night.

But other than Obama, did you know there were other issues on the ballot? Here’s a look at some local and state results as of Wednesday morning. Votes are still coming in, and you can see the most updated numbers on the WA Secretary of State website.

Democrat Adam Smith easily defeated Jim Postma in the race for the recently-redrawn 9th District of the US House of Representatives. As of Wednesday morning, he had 71 percent of the vote.

For the state house, Democrat Eric Pettigrew easily defeated Tamra Smilanich for the 37th District. Pettigrew is currently winning 88 percent of the vote. House Speaker Frank Chopp defeated Socialist Kshama Sawant to keep his 43rd District seat. Chopp is winning 73 percent of the vote there.

The scene at the Neighbor Lady when Ohio projections were announced

In state-wide issues, Initiative 502 to legalize marijuana has passed with 55 percent of the vote so far. Starting December 6, it will no longer be illegal for people 21 and older to possess an ounce of marijuana or less. Since rates of incarceration for marijuana possession are much higher among people of color, many initiative supporters see the law as a race and social justice issue.

Democrat Jay Inslee is looking likely to win the close race for the governor’s house (some are already calling it for Inslee, while others are holding out for more results).

Referendum 74 allowing same-sex marriage is slightly ahead in recent counts, as is an initiative to allow the creation of charter schools (both are 52–48 currently).

The next drop of vote counts will come between 4 and 4:30 p.m. Stay tuned for more.

Meanwhile, just over the hill, a spontaneous street party broke out on Capitol Hill. Our sister site CHS has coverage and photos.

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One thought on “Smith, Pettigrew win CD state and federal seats, Inslee, pot, R74 & charter schools ahead

  1. 51.24% to approve to 48.76% to reject 1240 were the numbers last night, and reject is ahead in King County. Approve Ref 74 is further ahead by a lot in King County and somewhat Statewide. Since there are so many votes left in King County, unless there is huge difference in the trend between the early and later votes, 74 should easily pass. Since I am cheering for “Reject on 1240”, I see a glimmer of hope as Reject was higher in King County but not enough to feel any confidence one way or the other.