Play Doggie Daycare ready to open at MLK and Cherry

After building permits took a little longer than expected, Play Doggie Daycare is finally ready to open it’s doors (and yard) to four-legged CD residents. Monday will be their first day of operation.

Once a gas station, then a burger joint, then the iconic headquarters of The Facts newspaper, the site has been vacant for several years. Less than a year ago, a fire ravaged the remaining structure.

But that did not deter nearby resident Sarah Slater, owner of a local dog-walking business who was looking to open a doggie daycare. She has renovated the space, worked to build a new structure, and is ready to watch your dog.

With the introduction of Play, the CD now has multiple doggie daycare options. Fetch Doggie Daycare (a CDNews sponsor) is just up the hill at 34th and Union in Madrona.

From Play:

Get ready to play at PLAY, the new fun spot for dogs… Much like we humans have our neighborhood coffee shops to hang out in with friends, now our dogs have their very own local hangout too. PLAY Doggie Daycare is ready to invite neighborhood canines to come and run, jump, sniff, wrestle, fetch, or just chill with their furry friends.

The dream of Central District resident, Sarah Slater, PLAY Doggie Daycare aims to play the part of an extended member of the family; to provide your dog with all the good stuff dogs need; exercise, socialization, stimulation and relaxation, but also to allow owners to get on with their day-to-day commitments without that awful feeling of guilt. Owners need never fear again those down cast doe eyes as they walk out the door, or the out of control delight – or cold shoulder – when they return home, not to mention the chewed shoes, gnawed carpet, missing butter from the counter top, or the garbage bag emptied on the bed!

Dogs are amazing animals and companions, unlike other pets they have the capacity to take up as much physical and emotional ‘space’ in our lives as another human” Sarah, PLAY Owner

What can owners expect at daycare? Much like a child’s daycare, the PLAY day will be structured with different times set aside for free roam play, structured play that will reinforce training commands through games and exercises and a quiet downtime, yes… ‘quiet time’ for dogs with music! There will be bathing facilities for staff to give a basic wash and blow-dry with a full grooming service planned in the near future. A crate free boarding service is also planned for the near future, as well as evening training classes.

The facilities 3000 sqft include four indoor and outdoor areas that can be kept separate with fencing and gates or combined to offer one large area. The outdoor area is graveled to allow good drainage and the thorough removal of any poop. The gravel can easily be replaced, replenished and refreshed to ensure a high level of cleanliness; cleanliness, hygiene and odor control are high on PLAY’s priority list. The indoor run is insulated to help reduce noise and will be cool in summer and warm in winter. The separate areas will allow small or shy dogs to have their own space to run without fear of getting tangled in big dog play.

What I look forward to hearing from a customer, is that they were out walking their dog in the neighborhood and came across another dog and owner, the owners didn’t know each other but the dogs clearly knew one another from PLAY and were obvious friends. That will put a smile on my face”, Sarah, PLAY Owner

PLAY Doggie Daycare’s staff have over 15 years between them working with dogs in large groups, off leash and as Veterinary Assistants.

PLAY Doggie Daycare opens on Monday 10th Sept 2012.

Daycare hours will be 7am-6:30pm, Monday to Friday.

For more information on services, pricing or to apply for a spot, visit

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