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I live near Pratt Park and my neighbor, a single mother with 7 children decided to move and 3 days later was gone. They basically left with nothing but the clothes on their backs! They had only lived in the house for 8 months. It was a strange situation, but none of my business. So now the house is trashed inside and out and the yard is piled high with toys, furniture, clothes etc. The landlord apparently hasn’t a clue yet. The saddest part is the two cats (recently adopted) were left behind. I have been leaving food and water for them both, although only one of them is friendly now. She is a young female and very lovely. I have tried to find the landlord with no success. I can’t keep a cat. So if anyone has room for one or good ideas I’d love to hear them.

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  1. Did you try checking the tax rolls on the King County property tax website? You should be able to find that with the address if you cross-reference right.

  2. I volunteer at the animal shelter, for the dogs but I see the number of cats that get adopted and its incredible. I suggest you bring the cats in, they will find homes in short order.

  3. So let me get this straight, your former neighbor is a single mother of 7 and up and left with basically nothing but “the clothes on their backs!” and the saddest part to you is some cats were left behind? CATS??? It is posts like this that make me really lose faith in my neighbors and neighborhood.

  4. The mother is gone. Kim can’t do anything about that.
    The cats are there. She can do something about that.
    Whether it’s “the saddest” part or not doesn’t really matter.
    It’s the only part anyone around here can do anything about now.

  5. I think the being made was that the fact that the Kim chose to say that the cats left behind is the saddest part. Words matter, yes it matters that she said it. It is in indication of how some people in this neighborthood really think. Given it’s not easy dealing with people all the time especially people in crisis but did Kim or anyone else living next to “the women with seven kids” ( no name for her) ever reach out to her? The woman had seven kids and was obviosly struggling with some thing when she left.

    I worked in a domestic violence shelter and often women would flee their homes with nothing but the clothes on their back as soon as they had a achnace to get away from their abuser.

    There are hard times coming on the horizon for all of us. Wake up and smell the global warming and trashed economy. We are all interdependent upon each other and cooperation is the way to survive.
    It makes sense to know your neighbor for many reasons and not just say it’s none of your business. We can all improve upon this myself included.

  6. Thank you and Jim98122x for your thoughtful responses – very different focus from each other but both wise and helpful in their own way.

  7. Wow, ap. It’s because of responses like yours that i’m hesitant to post anything on this webpage. Or at least watch every single word i type. All Kim was trying to do was ask for some advice and you jump down her throat…

  8. I happen to have the same landlord as the house in question; the landlord has been alerted to the situation and should be out to assess the situation soon.