Mayor’s budget boosts Youth Violence Prevention, increases hours at Yesler CC

Mayor McGinn’s proposed 2013-14 Budget includes a big investment in the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative and increases the hours of operation at Yesler Community Center, he announced Monday.

As we reported previously, his budget also includes hiring ten new police officers citywide and funds for a new gunshot locator system. Several people responded to that announcement suggesting more should be done to prevent violence, and the mayor’s budget plan seems to also attempt to address these concerns. From the Mayor’s Office:

The mayor’s budget includes $1.68 million to expand the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative. Established after an increase in gun violence in 2008, the Initiative provides youth enrolled in the program with activities, mentoring, case management, employment services, and other targeted support. The new funding will help enroll 450 more young people in the program, bringing the total enrollment to 1,500.

His budget would also add ten additional hours of service to Yesler Community Center:

McGinn’s budget also includes $276,000 to add hours at Ballard, Delridge, Miller, Northgate, South Park, Van Asselt, and Yesler Community Centers. Each center will be open for 10 additional hours after school and late at night in order to serve young people. These seven centers were chosen by a data-driven analysis that included crime statistics and existing partnerships with the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative.


3 thoughts on “Mayor’s budget boosts Youth Violence Prevention, increases hours at Yesler CC

  1. I would be for spending several million dollars installing RFID tags in the eye socket of known bangers and perverts. We could put detectors on busses, and many key intersections, parks, and facilities. The tags would trigger cameras, lights, alerts, and map their wanderings. Let’s monitor the bad guys.

  2. …on expanding the gang task force. First step should be to shut down the gangs recruiting kids to do their dirty work.

  3. Recruiting doesn’t happen any more. These are the streets the laws of the 90’s have made. You can’t lock people up, which stops their mental growth and expect them to be healed without giving them any medicine. You just let them stay at the hospital when you should have helped them while you had the chance. Life skills class, GED program, financial programs, trade classes and college degrees. These are the things they want from them, why not give it to them when you have the opportunity??? Be for real PEOPLE!