FREE CLASS for Kids and teens at Washington Hall

Unique youth program combining self-defense, kung fu & yoga, offers a fun environment for kids and teens ages 3-18 years. FREE TRIAL CLASSES are now being offered for fall programs. Try it just for fun, no pressure to continue. Classes in the central district at Washington Hall ( on 14th and Fir.

Our inclusive programs are based on principles of empowerment, peace, and respect for self and others. Classes combine movement and philosophy of self-defense, kung fu, and yoga, with the influence of dance, tumbling and healing arts to create an eclectic and holistic approach to strengthening mind, body, spirit and community.

Each student is met where they are at, and encouraged to reach their greatest potential and happiness. Through training, students learn diligence, focus, body-awareness, self-expression, compassion, global awareness, peace-keeping skills, celebration of differences, self-esteem, and physical competence. Physical training includes strengthening, stretching and agility exercises. In most classes students progress through a belt ranking system. There are opportunities through out the year for leadership training, community service, performances… and more!

Contact us for more information or to schedule your trial class! w (206) 229-7582 Most classes are held at Washington Hall in the central district.

3 thoughts on “FREE CLASS for Kids and teens at Washington Hall

  1. What’s the name of your organization? If you have one, what is your website? I’d love to pass on to students, but need to know more details. Thanks!

  2. This is a good organization dedicated to improving the neighborhood one soul at a time. All kids should have the opportunity to have correct minds, proper posture, and a body of rules to live by.