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Continuing the Conversation – Tuesday 9/11

On May 30th, after a tragic few weeks of gun violence and homicides, the East Precinct Advisory Council and the Garfield Community Center sponsored a community gathering that drew over 300 people. Many were angry, frustrated, afraid and distressed.  Most attendees were neighbors who were very concerned about the increase in shootings.  The conversations evolved from anger about gentrification, racial inequity, disproportionate criminalization of minorities and other social injustices to the sharing of difficult circumstances and unfamiliar neighborhoods to the possibilities of healing. 

Some considered the meeting to be a failure.  I don’t agree, believing that this is a growing process toward some element of collaboration and support and understanding among neighbors and community.  Some of you signed up for a committee to do something about the violence.  Others met new neighbors and police staff. 

So where are we now? The Garfield Community Center has set aside the auspicious date of Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 to “Continue the Conversation”. 

I am encouraging you to come and let’s start to work together to support one another.  We don’t need another tragedy to build community in the Central District!  

 We need sharing, understanding, empathy and support of one another, and a cohesive effort to positively empower and provide alternatives to those engaged in violence and negative activities. 

We have a long road to travel, let’s begin the journey now!

Continuing the Conversation

Tuesday, September 11th, 6:30 to 8:00 PM

Garfield Community Center

2323 E Cherry St

Event sponsors:

  • Garfield Community Center Advisory Council
  • Garfield High School PTSA
  • Central Seattle Drug Free Communities Coalition

Stephanie, Chair, EastPAC

One thought on “Continuing the Conversation – Tuesday 9/11

  1. Did anybody attend the recent Colman Park Neighborhood Association meeting? I heard that there were some very interesting remarks by a local minister in regard to firearms.