Construction on Judkins Skatespot scheduled to start Monday

Skateboarding in Judkins Park is about to get real.

Construction on the Judkins Skatespot is scheduled to begin Monday, and it should be ready for action as soon as November, according the city’s website.

The $600,000 skatespot is funded by the 2008 Parks and Green Spaces Levy, and is part of the city’s Skatepark Plan. Grindline, also involved in the design process, won the construction contract for both the Judkins and Roxhill skatespots.


Citywide Skatepark Plan

A skatespot is a smaller skate park intended to fill gaps in areas without access to full skate parks, like the one recently opened in Jefferson Park on Beacon Hill. The skatespot will join the Bike Polo Court to make the south end of Judkins Park one of the most unique “alternative” park areas in the city and will hopefully activate a grassy field that is rarely used.


Meanwhile, a community group has formed to seek improvements to the Judkins Park trails and activate other spaces in the large and often sparsely-used (and illicitly-used) park spaces. More on that soon. Stay tuned.

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