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Hit-and-Run Driver smashes parked car on MLK @ Pike St., runs away

At approximately 1 am  Saturday morning, neighbors near Pike & MLK were jolted by the sound of a car smashing into a car parked on the west side of MLK at Pike Street.  The impact was loud enough to be heard 3 blocks away and hit the parked Volkswagen so hard it knocked the rear wheel sideways.  After the impact several neighbors saw the driver try to drive away, then hit another parked car at MLK and Union.  Both airbags were fully deployed, and the car was full of airbag smoke.  With the keys in the ignition and the engine still running, the driver leaped from the car and ran off, talking on his cellphone as he ran. 

After 15 or 20 minutes the police had still not arrived, when I went home.   Maybe some other witnesses can further update this.

One thought on “Hit-and-Run Driver smashes parked car on MLK @ Pike St., runs away

  1. he came back and tried to act like it wasn’t his car about half an hour later! we stopped him from removing his keys and he became agitated… luckily he was so wasted he could barely function. got on his phone again for a ride and disappeared down the alley. cops finally showed up about 1.5 hours after the first call, turns out there was a robbery up the street involving a PURPLE EL CAMINO, does anyone have any info on this? there were several cops flying around the neighborhood looking for said car. he didn’t actually hit the second car, just stopped by it. but yes, the volkswagen was pretty tore up. the owner has JUST moved into the neighborhood. welcome to the CD!