Car flips on 30th Ave near Columbia, no injuries

A car flipped on 30th Ave just south of Columbia Street Friday morning. Two people were in the vehicle and were not seriously injured, though they were visibly shaken. We will have more details soon.

UPDATE: Witness (and CDNews reader) Elizabeth Atwood said she was getting into her car on 30th Ave just north of Cherry when the car turned from Cherry and went quickly up 30th. It was going so fast, she said, that when it rear-ended a parked car on the east side of the street, the rear of their car raised into the air and almost flipped completely over the top before falling on its side.

Atwood called 911 and called for help from neighbors to see if the car occupants were ok. They were screaming and yelling, and SFD arrived to assist them from the car. Neither young woman in the car seemed to have serious injuries and were sitting up and talking to responders.

“People come so fast on this street all the time,” said Atwood, who was also shaken from responding to the crash. “They could have hit me.”

11 thoughts on “Car flips on 30th Ave near Columbia, no injuries

  1. It looked like at least one of them was being taken away in a stretcher. They were clearly very scared and maybe in shock? (I’m not a doctor, but I would be if I were in that car).

    Police are investigating. I’ll try to follow-up to see if citations are coming.

  2. My car was the one that was hit. Wrong place at the wrong time I guess. The incident report isn’t done yet, but, Tom, I can keep you updated if you’d like.

  3. Where else can you get all this live info about your neighborhood? And here what your neighbors actually think. The only thing better would be to feed CDN into twitter somehow. I’d follow that.


  4. I hope, if you were tried of your car, this will be a chance for you to get a nice newer one, at least. :-)

    If not—condolences!

  5. That’s quite the car if it can make doctors :-p….

    Seriously though – people who do stuff like this should lose their license to drive.

  6. This is just scary, lucky these peoople did not hit or kill anyone. To be going that fast to hit another car and flip is terrible. I hope citations were issued (at the least)