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August 23 EastPAC Meeting and Results…

The East Precinct Advisory Council (EastPAC) is organized exclusively with a focus on creating and sustaining safe neighborhoods in Seattle’s East Precinct. Managed by a Chairperson and Board of Directors, we sponsor monthly open public meetings as well as community events.

 Our mission is as follows:

“The East Precinct Advisory Council (EastPAC) provides a forum to resolve public safety priorities; evaluates, advocates and facilitates strategies that reduce crime and improve the quality of life for the East Precinct Community; and actively partners with law enforcement and other entities to address barriers to these outcomes.”

 There has been a perceived lack of action and comments suggesting that nothing gets accomplished and there are no results fromour meetings. Our goal, as the mission states, is to provide a forum– our monthly meetings – to address your concerns.  We evaluate and advocate for effective public safety policy that eliminates barriers to safe neighborhoods. We facilitatestrategiesthat reduce crime by providing you with access to and face-time with the Seattle Police Department’s command staff as well as city officials and representatives of community-based organizations that impact community safety and quality of life issues. We advocatefor our stakeholders on behalf of public safety. We can write a letter of support on your behalf, join you in meeting with an elected official or voice our opposition or request at a public hearing. If there is a particularly urgent issue, we can form a task force with you to focus on your particular situation.

What we don’t do is take up your issue and attempt to fix it without your active participation. We will absolutely stand behind you, but we need your direct involvement in helping us to resolve your neighborhood’s public safety issues.

Please note that the key component of a successful Precinct Advisory Board is diversity in culture, race, ethnicity, age, and socio-economic status.  Our board is not as diverse as it needs to be. We are looking for energetic and active board membersto provide an enlightened view on the issues we face- from racial inequity to youth violence, to adequate services for the East Precinct residents. We have a significant capacity to make a difference on many levels, but we need more people to help.

 With that said, I encourage you to come our Thursday meeting:

EastPAC Community Meeting

Thursday, August 23,  6:30 to 8:00 PM

Seattle University Chardin Hall room 142

1020 East Jefferson

Seattle, 98122

As always, there is free parking in front of the building

As our problems with gun violence persist, we will have Jamila Taylor from the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative and members of SPD’s Gang Unit as our guests. 

There will be time on the agenda for you to voice your concerns and announce your community events.

 Let’s come together as a diverse and collaborative community and together, make sure things get done and changes are made for the better! And please let me know if you’d like to be on the Board, we need you!!!

Stephanie Tschida, Chair

East Precinct Advisory Council

[email protected]

One thought on “August 23 EastPAC Meeting and Results…

  1. Thanks Stephanie for all the hard work you put into organizing these meetings. I have attended the past two EastPAC meetings and encourage others to join in and get involved.