As libraries close citywide next week, the Seattle People’s Library will open in the CD

Seattle Public Libraries will be closed August 27 – September 2 for a mandatory unpaid furlough week, a result of city budget cuts. But do not fear, Central District residents, the people have got your back.

The Seattle People’s Library has been collecting books they plan to lend out from a not-yet-disclosed outdoor location in the CD Monday. The closest book donation location is at Twice Sold Tales at Harvard and Denny on Capitol Hill or you can donate to the library when they open Monday.

Stay tuned for more. Details:

DUE TO BUDGET CUTS, all branches of the Seattle Public Library will be closed Monday, Aug 27 through Sunday, Sept 2. In response, let’s have our own library to provide reading materials, kid’s activities, and internet access during the closure. Everyone is invited to contribute! DONATE books, magazines, any reading material. We especially need books for children and young adults. COME to the Library on Monday, Aug 27!

BROWSE our collection.
LEAD arts and crafts activities or games with the kids.
BRING your neighbors.

This Library will be a community space, not controlled by any individuals or organization and welcome to all people and points of view.
on Twitter @duetobudgetcuts
email [email protected]

BOOK DONATION LOCATIONS (check back as we add more):
-Bring them to the People’s Library Monday morning.

-Cafe Racer in U District, 5828 Roosevelt Way NE

-PSKS on Capitol Hill, Monday 12-9, Wed 12-3, Fri 12-3 (Peace for the Streets by Kids for the Streets, 1814 Summit
Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122)

-Mockingbird Books in Greenlake. 7220 Woodlawn Ave

-Third Place Books in Ravenna, 6504 Ave NE

-Twice Sold Tales on Capitol Hill. Open everyday at 11am, close late (1 or 2 am)

-Outside Seattle Anarchist Book Festival, Sun Aug 26

12 thoughts on “As libraries close citywide next week, the Seattle People’s Library will open in the CD

  1. As much as I distrust anything called “The Peoples” I really like people reading books I even have one about Sacco and Vanzetti you guys can have.

  2. Glad someone else saw through this. I bet they will be really selective on what is given out to the youth and teens in the area. Probably not things that don’t fall in line with their beliefs.

  3. When I google the email address this seems to be an Occupy event. No?
    If it is, why not just say so?

  4. Why is the location secret? Will it be at Autonomia’s former spot or some other “occupied” spot?

  5. 1.) When you open your mouth (or type), your brain is on display.
    Additionally, actions speak louder than words. So, show and prove or be silent. “No investigation, no right to speak!” – Mao.

    Amerikkkan liberal-imperialists such as yourselves, bring all the problems of the neighborhood (and the world) upon yourselves due to your open, rabid, willing support of capitalism, white supremacy, and the increasing amerikkkan police state; at home and abroad.

    The “thugs” on your blocks are merely low-level venture capitalists w/o serious investment capital or an MBA. Blackwater (now called “Xe”) and Haliburton do exactly what the gangsters on your block do, on a much bigger scale, under the protection of your government. Your taxes pay for exploitation and oppression of people all over the world who work way longer hours than you, making cheap consumer goods you all take for granted, for $2 (U.S.) per day or less.

    Ever wonder why the CIA can get millions of dollars to overthrow and kill a democratically-elected foreign leader w/o question and banks can get bailed out (twice), yet public schools and health care (both issues directly relate to the problem of violence in the community) cannot be funded fully locally or nationally?

    2.) The anarchist book fair is at The Vera Project @ Seattle Center on 8/25 and 8/26. Go. You might learn something.

    3.) WAKE UP, GOD DAMMIT! Stay calm, listen to the truth like most of you have never heard it before: