3rd Annual Garden, Food, Nutrition & Wellness Fair

Saturday, September 8, 2010, 12:00Noon – 6:00PM, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd Fellowship Hall, 2116 E. Union Street, Seattle, 98122.  FREE.  Dr. Herb Joiner-Bey, internationally-noted author & educator in holistic nutrition, western botanical medicine & homeopathy will lead a workshop. Dr. Joiner-Bey’s topics  include prevention of chronic disease (stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure)  and good nutrition on a budget.  Willie Austin, renowned fitness expert, power lifting champion, former UW football player, and founder of the Austin Foundation, will present fitness routines and will discuss changing lives through fitness by making fitness a part of everyday life.  Dr. Herb joiner-Bey and Willie Austin are dynamic speakers who draw crowds to their presentations.  Nibret Aga, restaurateur and international chef, will present a healthy cooking demonstration.  Liz Davis of Walkable CD will tell her story of walking which helped     her to lose 180 pounds.   Additional workshops are weight loss and maintenance, calorie & portion control.   Take healthy recipes home to make great tasting food.  Pot your own vegetables & take them home.  Food, fun, education & activities for the whole family.  If you are interested in attending or volunteering, call 206-424-4573 or 206-372-6593.   Presented by MKJ Productions & PEARL Legacy.  [email protected] 

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2 thoughts on “3rd Annual Garden, Food, Nutrition & Wellness Fair

  1. The health Nazi’s are trying to convince us that there is something wrong with fried chicken. We just are not right if we don’t have gastly pale skin and waste all day thinking about canned vegitables.

    Real people eat fried chicken. All these fruit loops go back to Magnolia where you were born. Homeopaths indeed.

  2. And stay away from the chicken. Stick to beef, lamb, wild game, rice, long root vegitables including their leaves, apples, donuts, and coffee. If you eat anything else death will march closer.

    Also, to finish out my advice on life, so you needn’t listen to other quacks: Don’t walk when you can run. Walk to and from the donut shop every day. At least quarterly go pee in the yard – it gives you a confident territorial feel – good for the soul.

    When it is raining: Do not wear a hat. Do not use and umbrella. Try to wear shorts. Do not scowl or wince at the rain. Hold your head up and enjoy the feeling of a natural northwest shower.

    Live this way and you be happy and universally loved – like me. The other quacks are full or agarose gel.