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Summer Playdates for Local Schools This Saturday

First summer meetup is this Saturday, July 14th from 10-noon! 

These meetups are an opportunity for current, incoming and future school families to connect.  The first Meetup / Playdate is Saturday, July 14th from 10am – noon.  The August Meetup will occur on Thursday, August 23rd from 5:30-7:00 (bring your own picnic).

This year the following schools have incoming families hosting a playdate:

Stevens Elementary @ Stevens Playground
Madrona K-8 @ Madrona Playfield
Leschi Elementary @ Peppi’s Park (park adjacent to school)
Lowell Elementary @ Lowell Playground
Montlake Elementary @ Montlake Community Center
John Muir Elementary @ Mt. Baker Playground
McGilvra Elementary @ Madison Park Playground

Hope you will join us!

CSPR hosts these meetups to connect local families.  Central Seattle Parent Resource promotes community among parents of children birth to age five by encouraging social connections through offered programs and local resources. These social connections build foundations for long term communities and foster civic involvement.  For more information see

4 thoughts on “Summer Playdates for Local Schools This Saturday

  1. Great. We have been looking for a Bailey Gatzert host. Xina – Are you willing to host a meetup on August 23rd from 5:30-7:00 for Bailey Gatzert? Hosting duties are simple. The host picks the location and agrees to be present and welcome families. If you are interested, we will add Bailey Gatzert to our list for August. Joanna – you are also welcome to host.