Solidarity protest against Anaheim Police shootings Friday at Pratt Park

Demonstrators are planning a protest Friday evening at Pratt Park to express support for ongoing protests in Anaheim against two recent police shootings there.

The protest at Pratt gets under way at 8 p.m.

The action comes two weeks after a protest against a recent Seattle Police raid of an apartment at 29th and Judkins marched from downtown to Douglass-Truth Library.

More details from the event page:

On July 21st, an unarmed, 24-yr old Latino named Manuel Angel Diaz was shot several times by officers of the Anaheim Police department. He was left unattended to die where he was shot. The community stood up, and were brutally repressed by police who released an attack dog on a mother and her baby and shot indiscriminately at the crowd of neighbors, including women and children.

Anaheim was enraged already, but then the APD struck again killing Joel Acevedo another Latino during an apparent “gun fight” on the night of Sunday the 22nd. Witnesses nearby only heard the fire of the guns by the cops, though the police said they found a gun sitting next to the body of Joel. He was stopped for accused car theft.

Both of these men were “documented gang members”, something used as an excuse by APD for their actions. We will not take excuses for violence on our communities, especially those of color, anywhere. Not in Anaheim, not in Dallas, not in Oakland, not here in Seattle and surrounding area.

In other SPD news today, the city has reached a tentative agreement with the federal DOJ on police department reforms, the Seattle Times reports.

13 thoughts on “Solidarity protest against Anaheim Police shootings Friday at Pratt Park

  1. Are we going to burn some stuff, break windows, ransack the city, provoke the police?

  2. Good god, is there like a protest clearinghouse website or something? If you run out of things to protest locally, you can log on and see what’s happening other places so you can protest for them in your own neighborhood.

  3. I’m going to protest everything from now. Keeping it local. I’ll be in my back yard getting drunk and pissing on my neighbors fence. They are some serious yuppy enviro gentrifiers. Every thing is their fault. Take that S. Ride your bike to work again?

  4. Just like Manuel Angel Diaz “provoked the police.”

    Just like John T. Williams “provoked the police.”

    Just like Martin “Mexican piss” Monetti Jr. “provoked the police.”

    Just like how this apparently isn’t a “local” issue.

    Psst, Grumbo, et al.: Your entitlement is showing.

  5. No. My question is will you hate mongers take this as another opportunity to destroy other peoples stuff and to try as hard as you can to get in a fight with the police. They have been hugely restrained in their response to your violence.

    But to take your bait. John T was carrying a knife in what may (or may not) have been mistaken as a threatening move towards the officer. He was drunk out of his mind as was common and unresponsive to simple commands. I feel bad for the officer that was forced to shoot him.

    Martin Monetti is a dirt bag. Still the officer shouldn’t have been so dumb. If that is common for him – then he should be dismissed.

    I have know idea who Angel Diaz is. Is that the current problem in Anaheim? Sounds like he was a loser that got himself into a bad spot. Cops have got to shoot somebody now and then. Why paint a target on your face and jump in front of the gun.

    Again. My question is: Are you going to be that dumb again tonight. I’ll be there with my video camera looking to document your idiocy.

    Oboy! Obertturd.

  6. A quote from our friends organizing tonights riot at Pratt Park. Sounds like real nice neighbors. Let’s all drop by and support SPD and ask these ugly haters to leave the CD. I’ll be the little fat guy with pointed shoes.

  7. Every few years there’s another crop of losers that REALLY REALLY wishes they had been around in the 60’s to protest The War®, The Man®, The Pigs®, Oppressive Society®, man; and everything else. They think they’re so original, but they don’t realize just how cliche’ they are, & how much they totally resemble the last crop of losers– to a “t”.

  8. HA! I will be the tall woman with crazy eyebrows (Damn you, Russian lady who waxed my brows!), proving once and for all that Grumbo and I are not one person.

    Also, I disagree with Grumbo re John T. Williams. As my dear friend, a KC Deputy said, “That dumbass (the cop). You don’t give someone 4 seconds to respond.” However, prior to his shooting the local Anarchists, Occupy folks, etc. didn’t give a flying crappola about John T. Williams, the residents of 1811 Eastlake, the folks who patronize the Chief Seattle Club, or chronic street inebriates in general. They could be dying under the freeway and our professional protestors couldn’t have given a turd. Only when they can use the man’s unfortunate death to their own ends do they suddenly give a hoot. BOO to you, you oportunistic farts.

    As regards tonight’s protest, I have the same question: Are you going to use the death of persons in CA as an excuse to vandalize and riot? If so, again, you’re opportunistic turds, not caring human beings.

  9. It’s funny, of the several different volunteer organizations I’ve been or am associated with, I never see any presence of these “professional protestor” types demographic in the ranks of the volunteers. Hmmm, I wonder why not? Maybe it’s because people who actually care about community work and volunteering in their community spend less time bitching about things and more time actually doing something about it.

  10. I’d like to thank everyone who is in solidarity with the people of Anaheim and Fullerton at this time against Police Brutality. The cops here are chaotic and out of control. Remember please that Anaheim PD and Fullerton PD have to “protect the mouse” which is Disneyland. APD and Fullerton PD has been killing people for years and getting away with it. We are relieved that there is finally a light shining on this issue.