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Shots fired at 4 a.m.

4-5 shots were fired. Somewhere near MLK and Marion. Anyone know anything more?

EDITOR’S UPDATE: There were multiple shooting incidents within a short time span. Nobody was injured. See our updated post here.

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  1. My husband and I counted 5 shots at 3:20am. Sounded closer to Cherry and 30th to us. About 5 minutes later we saw what I hope were police search lights being shone around our neighborhood. Can’t find anymore info about what happened.

  2. I counted 5 shots at 3:20ish. There were 2-4 cop cars shining their search lights around 32nd/33rd and Terrace. Then it looked like they were focusing on 1 area with flash lights near 33rd and Terrace. They were searching from 3:30 to at least 4:30 when I went back to bed. I’d love to know what they found…if anything.

  3. I heard 7 shots at 3:55. two, two, three. Went outside but didn’t see anything going on. Probably should have called 9-1-1.

  4. we did call. was on hold for about 3 minutes. but when i finally talked to a person she said there were multiple calls coming in regarding this.
    from now on, if i hear shots, i am going to call, regardless. it surely can’t hurt.

  5. I heard 7 shots around 3:55 am from what sounded like MLK/27th and E Spring. Called 911 and the police responded quickly but it didn’t look as though they found anything. Sounds as though there were multiple incidents last night.

  6. Woke up hearing rapid shots around 4 AM, thought it was four, near 27th and Spring. That’s where that incident was last week. Everyone knows which two houses are the source of most of the trouble on this street.

  7. The community needs to have a meet up about this with the police. Who is interested?

  8. If you had said with out the police – I might have gone for it.

    SPD is still in political lock down. They did a pretty good job of looking tough last week and suppressed the BGD somewhat. But, as soon as the cruisers and detectives cars pull out – the BGD is back and shooting it up with Crips or Hoovers or non-BGD-affiliated Bloods.

    I’m not sure SPD will ever be able to do it after 30 years of castration by Seattle’s Unitarian Socialist mindset. Even the Catholics here are really Unitarian in nature. Everything is jello. No black and white. No color at all just clear unflavored jello filling the minds of the citizens. Police can’t do much with tasteless, colorless, ugly jello.

    We are on our own Jay and our neigbors are too absorbed into the jello to think their way out. Did I tell you about my bag of rocks? Sorry, I can’t or I’ll be ejected from the collective.

  9. Hey Grumbo how about a constructive suggestion? Yes the SPD has some major issues but I don’t see too many other options for our neighborhood and I am damn sick of all the gunshots within a block or two of our house and my small daughter. We have lived near this for 12 years and I haven’t done much, to my shame. Something has got to change.

    For now, I’m calling 911 every time I see anything suspicious or for sure when i hear gunshots. I understand the more 911 calls we make, the more patrols we get. It seems to be working since I’ve noticed more cop cars near my house this week. If anyone has any other ideas, I’m in.

  10. Hi Canamian,

    A lot more people are doing the right thing now. You, Madrona mom, jay, sarah, leschi lady, bruce, cdliz, jpr …. lots more than ever before. Communicating, providing information, reporting.

    We must continue to treat gunshots in our neighborhood as severe violations of public safefty warranting a call to the police every single time. We cannot slip back into the mode of accepting it as if it were a squeeling street car wheel. Every gunshot is a threat to our community. That’s my only real suggestion – we remain vigilant.

    My machismo threats of vigilantee action are partly a joke, partly a threat to SPD that eventually somebody (not me of course) will have had enough – do you job or we will, and partly to keep a bit of blood curdling anger going here. We forget how important our emotions are. Kumbaaya will not get us out of this. Raging against this tide of violence will, eventually, if we keep it up, bring peace.

    I actually do kick in the doors of drug dealers when they do it in front of me while I weed the traffic circle. I know them from years of being on my corner. What are they going to do? Have a fight with me while their customer is in the car with the cash and the drugs? Sure, they would love to pull out a 9mm and go after me, but, I might have one to and I am standing and ready – they are in the car. Not one has ever come out. They act like they going to then drive off in a big hurry and don’t come back. Sure – it’s not a great idea. Just saying that one or two of us do have to put up an actual physical barrier. They have to believe that somebody will fight. Otherwise they know that it is their neighborhood and all the residence will cower down. I’m not as big an ass as Grumbo let’s on, but, I am convinced that I must spend some time in the real world as an ass hole. Somebody has to do it and I do enjoy it. Some company would be nice, but, also I do greatly appreciate what you guys are doing as well. We all have to pitch in, in multiple ways.

  11. Did anyone else hear 3 shots earlier, around 20th and Alder, around 11:45PM last night? We called 911 and were told that police were already in the area.

  12. Yes we heard these shots and it did seem to be located about where you indicated. The recent bout of random gun firings, with no apparent target, makes me wonder if these might be originating with the same person. If this is the case, I can not fathom a reason, other than plin intimidation.

  13. Same difference. Shooting is Shooting. Somebody is going to get hurt. And the shooter is in fact a menace to society. Report.

  14. This has nothing to do with the shots (that I didn’t hear) but we had a “trouble house” sell and move out from our street last week and you would not believe the difference! We did try to bring down the hammer on them for some years (911, DPD, Dept of Ecology, etc.) but it never really seemed to work. We think it was finally their own finances that forced them to sell but whatever it was we are very grateful, the foot traffic is gone and so are the cars….. At any rate its worth talking to the cops, get ideas of what you can do and getting the address of the owner and writing them emails with your issues…everyday. BTW who is the owner? Keep at it and let me know if you want help.

  15. Police were searching our backyards looking for a suspect on 33rd between james and terrace.

  16. I agree it was 27 & Spring, it was 5 shots, I am so sick of the hood people in the two houses on the corner tearing up the whole block