Monthly African American Central District walk is Saturday

Walkable Central District organizes monthly walks through the CD for African American residents looking to stay healthy. The walks start at Safeway on Madison the last Saturday of each month from 5 – 7 p.m.

From Walkable Central District:

Sat June 30st 2012 Dub-A Community Walk 5-7pm.
Meet at the Safeway on 22nd & E Madison.
Walk what you can = Walkablity
Walking shoes @ the ready.
“Let’s walk it out!”

The event poster:


13 thoughts on “Monthly African American Central District walk is Saturday

  1. “Walkable Central District organizes monthly walks through the CD for African American residents looking to stay healthy”.

    Can non-black people join this walk? We also need to lose weight.

  2. I see nothing wrong with targeting a specific group for an activiity. Why does everyone want to get in everyone elses business?

    If you want to have a white guy march go ahead. I don’t really see what the point would be. I like to go running with people. It just happens that there has never been anything but white guys at the shoe store we meet at. I belong to several running clubs and there may be a few light skinned mixed race people among the white men. There is a variety of women in some of the groups.

    I don’t here black people saying – why all those white guys running? Leave them alone to do what they want. They are going for a walk. I don’t think it is a revolution or a political point.

  3. Really grumbo? So if someone advertised a white people only walk in Seattle you think there would be no problems with that?

    It is different if the only people that show up to run at the shoe store you go to are white vs. them excluding non-whites which they apparently do not.

    I like to walk with people just like you like to run with people, but it seems i am excluded from walking with this group because of my race.

  4. If people wish to segregate themselves it is their own business. There may be ligitimate reason for doing it. Or not.

    We don’t tell the Amish that we are going to show up at their barn raising, bring beer, power tools, and scantilly clad women. We don’t tell the mormons that we are coming to their church to worship in our own way and on Sunday. We don’t walk in to the Tea Garden and tell them to make us a hamburger.

    People naturally group up according to their preferences. Requently there appears to be racial affiliation. I think is is more just similar interest driven by history, experience, familiarity, etc.

    If you want to have a white peoples walk through the CD I’ll come support you just for grins. When somebody tells you that you are not welcome – let it be thier loss.

    White people do seem very averse congregating outside of family/friends. I do enjoy my run groups because it is very rare to have a group that you can drop in on and start meeting friends. A white walking group would be great. I hope you do start one.

  5. This is a very positive thing! I can’t believe that you are really offended by it. If you are- please go get a life. With the high rates of diabetes and obesity in the African American community it is nice to see some coordinated activity. There are groups for all sorts of people- women, overweight folks, Asians etc. Perhaps this group is trying to reach out to folks that otherwise would not feel comfortable participating in an activity like this. Go ahead- organize your white people walking group if that will make you feel better. I have no qualms about that and yes-I am black!

  6. Elise. It is a great idea. We just have to have a race war every time somebody posts. Good work, keep it up.

  7. So i guess the answer is no, i cannot walk with my black neighbors. I suppose i will have to start a group walk for fat whites only, and then the turf battles will begin!

  8. why not show up and see what happens? Try talking rather than silly comment thread posting.

  9. I am still waiting for the Jewish Indian mel brooks memorial walk in the CD to complement my Mel brooks Jewish Indian split level