Compassionate Seattle calls for Sunday moment of silence at MLK/Cherry

Compassionate Seattle is holding three minutes of silence at noon Sunday at the scenes of recent violence around the city, including MLK and Cherry. They invite people to join them in silent reflection, prayer or meditation on behalf of people impacted by violence.

They are also organizing two discussions at Seattle Center about recent violence, one Sunday and one June 24.

Details from Compassionate Seattle:

Compassionate Action Community Response to Gun Violence

Sunday, June 10, Noon: City-wide moment of silence

Compassionate Seattle invites all citizens to pause for three minutes of silent reflection, prayer, or meditation on Sunday, June 10 at 12:00 noon. At 11:45 AM, we invite each of us to step into the streets to ring bells as a “call to silence”. A call has been put out to all the Church/community bells to also start ringing at 11:45 AM.

No matter where we each may be on Sunday; whether at home, in our cars, at a park, or attending a church, mosque or synagogue – we are invited to observe this city-wide moment of silence on behalf of those impacted by violence of any kind, but especially those whose lives have been forever changed by the most recent, tragic shootings. A number of us will gather at the actual sites where the shootings took place in South Seattle, Pioneer Square, MLK/Cherry, Town Hall parking lot, Seattle Center and Café Racer.

Sunday, June 10 and June 24, from 4 to 7 pm: Community gatherings to generate compassionate action and build a living peace through collective impact

Compassionate Seattle invites the community to an open and honest dialogue about the violence at two facilitated community gatherings; Sunday, June 10, 4pm to 7 pm, and Sunday, June 24, 4pm to 7pm, at Seattle Center. In these gatherings, participants will be able to express how they have been impacted by violence in the community and share their vision for a just, compassionate, and safe Seattle. We will conclude by identifying compassionate actions we can take to generate positive peace and strengthen the health and vitality of our city.

11 thoughts on “Compassionate Seattle calls for Sunday moment of silence at MLK/Cherry

  1. Has anybody ever heard of this group before? Their goals seem worthy (who wouldn’t want to be compassionate? ) but what’s their plan, strategy, goals, anything?

    Their website seems all about connectedness:
    “Compassionate Seattle is a network of self-organizing groups who share a common vision for a compassionate world”

    Sorry to be skeptical, but I don’t see any substance, other than:
    “The Seattle Heart Map provides a public information resource that visualizes the connections between individuals, groups and organizations committed to creating a culture of compassion in our region.”

    Oh, and the chance to give money: “Subscribe to save money and donate to Compassionate Seattle through Ideal Network!”

  2. Andrew, this group is a coalition of existing organizations and individuals who’ve come together to organize the activities described. The folks I know connected to it are long time Seattle residents who are active in their communities both personally & professionally.

    I’m looking forward to the afternoon conversations. It is my hope that these will lead to not just more talk, but also action to make my beighborhood safer for everyone.

  3. Just as we all knew would happen. The outrage died on arrival. No march, no challenge, no change. Three minutes of silence and a call for compassion.

    Very good people. You have buried the feelings in record time. Soon you will be at peace in front of your television safe in the fact you are unlikely to know or here of the next victims.

  4. Police have seen comments from these posters in the CDN blog;
    Mark, Bo, Lily 31 and Cherry, Harvey, Beverly.
    Please call Detective Russ Weklych at the SPD homicide unit, 206-684-5567. Thank you for your help

  5. Compassionate Seattle is an outgrowth of the Seeds of Compassion group that brought the Dalai Lama to Seattle a few years back. As I recall, there was a pretty powerful message delivered.

    I am not going to stand here and criticize their efforts because they are affecting some people in a good way. I don’t think there is any ‘one’ thing that will ‘fix’ our situation, so whatever helps is fine with me.

  6. I wouldn’t doubt that “compassionate Seattle” is promoting the globalist’s agenda (the 1% elite)! You can spot them by how they act like they care about humanity and they always use the globe as their symbol. Like the great superman is going to save the planet with hope and change! Yeah right- globalist nonsense! Everything they do is under the guise of “going green” protecting the planet and saving the poor starving children of the world. Just give them your money so they can use the Daliama to teach you to love your servitude to mother earth and to give up your guns and property rights with “agenda 21 an UN mandate! ” Could this be another UN front group acting like they care and using this crisis to promote taking our guns and their agenda?! I dont know, but I wouldn’t doubt it one bit! Behind the Green Mask is a good read if you want to know more about Agenda 21! Every home owner needs to know about it!

  7. Oh no a globe!(?!) It must be “teh globalists!!!!” The only globalist agenda is the one in your addled brain. Stop masturbating over conspiraloon websites. Every home owner needs to know about it!

  8. I think you need to stop mastubating in front of your idiot box TV, which is controlled and owned the globalist elitists. You can tell a “addled brain” type by the way they parrot the nightly news and anything that should be questioned they write off as a “conspiracy theory.” Who coined “conspiracy theory” new meaning as anything that sounds whacky must be untrue? The controlled media did!! Yeah right if the only globalist agenda is in my brain -why is Globalism listed in the dictionary!?! The meaning of Globalism-the attitude or POLICY of PLACING THE INTEREST of the ENTIRE WORLD above those of individual nations! According to the meaning of Globalism there would of course be an agenda of global government! What do you think NATO, NAFTA, GAT, WTO benefits? Certainly not the common folks of the USA!

  9. Wow! You make me feel centrist! Thanks.

    Agreed, while competition is a good thing, it comes with freedom. We must keep the UN in a box of limited size. We are allowed to have our own agendas, interests, preferences, restrictions. We do not want to be panzy assed Frankophiles governed by a radicalized mixture of communists, nationalists, and muslims/others like the way of Europe and Canada.

    Much like the CD really. Blacks are not fond of the Vanilla culture that is coming. I prefer the venophile culture that is coming but am tiring of the onslaught of etheopian restaraunts. 2 is nice, but one every block makes me kind of think I don’t belong here. They seem like nice folks to hang with at the Starbucks on Jackson and 23rd, but, they really do crumple up the newspaper. I have to buy a new one every time. And how come the taxi drivers don’t know where Madison Street is? Seems pretty important to me.