Community Post donating funds to fill wading pools throughout the summer

Thought the CDN readers would be interested to hear that plans to donate funds to fill wading pools at East Queen Anne, Powell Barnett and Wallingford. They are to be filled up on Saturdays throughout the summer. As to the reason why?

“We’ve shifted our marketing focus to a highly-targeted local strategy and Seattle continues to be a top market for us, especially when it comes to connectivity on mobile devices,” said Valerie Combs, a  spokesperson at “We want to show the community a little love and while we can’t permanently do away with those 520 bridge tolls or promise more sunshine, we can make their days a little easier.”

Read more about it here.

5 thoughts on “ donating funds to fill wading pools throughout the summer

  1. First of all, this is great news for our neighborhood – yay!

    I must, however, say the following:
    wad: compress into a lump or bundle
    wade: walk through water or another liquid or soft substance

  2. You guys are reading this all wrong. Wadding is used to hold the powder into muzzle loaded rifles and cannons. A wadding pool is a group of re-enactors that are learning to use old weapons.