A Drink for the Kids at the Neighbor Lady Wednesday

You can help support all-ages music at the Vera Project by having a drink at 23rd and Union’s The Neighbor Lady Wednesday. The event starts at 7.


Come Drink for the Kids at one of our new bars for this year – The Neighbor Lady! Shira and Stephan have moved their night to hot new bar in town, and we hope you’ll join us in welcoming them to the first of many amazing A Drink for the Kids nights. Those who have been to Twilight Exit in the past know this is the craziest of all ADFTK nights. Shots for the whole bar? 50 pints of beer bought at once? A Magician? Anything is possible in the CD. This is your night Central District to remind Capitol Hill, Fremont, and Ballard that you have the most fun and support Vera the most of any neighborhood.

Proceeds raised from Ninkasi Brewing Company beer and Fremont Mischief vodka and whiskey will go to support the Vera Project.

Speaking of magicians, the Twilight Exit (a CDNews sponsor) has some sad news about Cliff:

4 thoughts on “A Drink for the Kids at the Neighbor Lady Wednesday

  1. Wish I could make it. Got to go out of town. Have fun. Love the nieghbor lady.

  2. Those mirrored windows cut out around 80% of UV rays which keeps us cooler in the Summer. And, during non-summer months when the sun is lower on the horizon and beaming right at the booths behind those window and you find yourself sitting there you may be a bit more thankful for the tinting. :)