Help build the Columbia Street Pollinator Pathway

Bee populations are falling. Our neighborhood needs more greenery. The Pollinator Pathway Project on Columbia Street aims to address both these issues at once, and it needs your help.

The Pollinator Pathway aims to create a corridor of pollinator-friendly plants on Columbia Street from 12th to 29th Avenues to help pollinators like honey bees, butterflies and humming birds move through the neighborhood and between our growing number of urban farms.

If you live on Columbia, you can help by planting pollinator-friendly plants in your own yard. The Pollinator Pathway website has an extremely helpful guide for choosing and planting such a garden.

If you want to help with the work party, meet at 25th and Columbia May 26-27 from 11-4. More details from organizer Sarah Bergmann:

Come help build the next 4 gardens on the Pollinator Pathway! The Pollinator Pathway is a plan for a corridor of pollinator-friendly gardens in planting strips along one mile of Seattle’s Columbia Street, between 12th and 29th avenues (the project aims to create a corridor of plants between Seattle U’s campus and Nora’s Woods). The project now has 13 gardens in place along the corridor. Come dig in the dirt and help grow the project!

Bring gloves and shovels if you have them (and we could use extra wheelbarrows, too)- or just show up, there are tools there. No experience necessary.

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