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2012 CEC Call for Volunteers – Give the Candidates what they Deserve!

Give Candidates What They Deserve


Every year, a committed group of Municipal League volunteers meet directly with our local candidates for public office to answer a fundamental question for voters: “how well could the candidate do the job?


The Municipal League’s candidate evaluation process is a valuable resource for King County voters. In an era of unbridled partisanship, the Municipal League strives to be non-partisan and focuses on competence. To determine a candidate’s fitness for office, this year’s volunteers will spend three Saturdays in June interviewing, researching and ultimately rating candidates based on four criteria: Knowledge, Effectiveness, Character, and Involvement.    


The Municipal League’s process is a unique experience that provides our volunteers with an up close look at the people, issues, and ideas that will shape our community’s future. The Municipal League process has been described as a “boot-camp for citizens” and is as engaging for our volunteers as it is instructive for King County voters.


For 99 years, the Municipal League has been committed to “Giving Candidates What They Deserve.” If you are interested in being a part of this important process, the Municipal League of King County is currently accepting applications for our 2012 candidate evaluation committees on our website:

Chuck Sloane


Chair of the Board

The Municipal League of King County

The Municipal League is a volunteer-driven, nonpartisan, nonprofit (c4) organization that works toward better government in King County, Washington. Our mission is to promote government that is open, effective and accountable, and to improve the caliber of public officials and the quality of public decisions.

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