Police searching for suspect who robbed, hit man and woman with gun near Pratt Park

Police are looking for a man who robbed and beat a man and woman with a gun Friday night in a brutal street theft near Pratt Park. Details on the incident are below. SPD did not provide a description of the suspect or his vehicle but says the man was known to his victims.

Armed Robbery, Assault of Two Citizens

Posted by Detective Jeff Kappel

On April 27th at approximately 9:30 p.m. a male and female were walking southbound on 20th Avenue at East Yesler Way when a known 20-year-old male suspect exited a Mercedes sedan and pointed a black handgun at them.  The suspect forcefully pulled a necklace off of the male victim and beat the victim repeatedly with the handgun causing multiple cuts and bruises to the victim’s face. 

The suspect then struck the female victim twice with the handgun causing injuries to her face that included a possible fracture.  The suspect then fled in his vehicle and remains at large.

This remains an active and on-going investigation.

10 thoughts on “Police searching for suspect who robbed, hit man and woman with gun near Pratt Park

  1. if this happened in belltown or pioneer square it would be all over the news. the central district? not so much.

  2. The crime must have happened in Miami, not Pratt Park. We have just had a long dialog about how nothing like this is going on on the 20th side of Pratt. We have been assured that the park is full of innocent kids and families. Regardless of the fact that it appears to be a drug dealing and pimping street – we have been assured that it is actually normal behavior for regular people in this area to engage in.

  3. I’ve noticed that if a crime seems a random act it is covered in the news but when the attacker and the victim know one another there isn’t much coverage.

  4. This stuff happens in Belltown and Pioneer Square every weekend. It’s just so frequent, it’s not new worthy.

  5. I was walking my dog in Pratt Park around Midnight that same evening. When I entered the park 3 African-American youths took off running westbound. I ended up not calling the police due to not having a good description or any crime committed. Also My wife called me at around 9pm and said she heard 5 shots near the park.

  6. It happened right at the intersection of 19th and Yesler in front of Bryant Manor. It was pretty scary to witness, I thought he was going to shoot them. I’ve coined to phrase “Vortex of Shit” for 19th Ave & Yesler. We had a completely naked women at the know “Drug House” screaming and freaking out last week, banging on the door yelling “I NEED MY PIPE”. Then This crime, and not to mention all the other crap that goes down here that goes “unnoticed”. We have lived here for 2 years now and as soon as the weather turns a little warmer we’ve noticed that it starts to get crazier.

  7. The murder last summer… Yeah.

    That intersection could use a tsunami of Lysol.

  8. We have a city wide house abatement policy and proceedure. Contact the Neighborhood Group and ask how, they can help. In fact they a half a block from this horror scene on Yesler.