Man stabbed in hand after refusing to give change near 29th and Cherry

A man suffered a 3-inch cut to his palm after refusing to give a man change near 29th and Cherry, according to police. The attack happened around 11:40 Monday night.

From SPD:

On April 2nd, at approximately 11:40 pm, a man was in the 2900 Block of East Cherry Street when he was approached by another man asking for change.  When the victim told the suspect he did not have any change, the suspect produced a knife and lunged toward him.  The victim put his hands up to stop the attack and suffered a 3 inch laceration to the palm of his hand.  The suspect, described as a black male, thirties, 5’8″, 180 pounds, dark complexion, short hair, and wearing a grey sweater and red sweatpants, fled eastbound on foot.  The victim was then able to call 911 from a payphone and East Precinct officers and Seattle Fire responded.  The Fire Department treated the victim at the scene and then transported him to Harborview Medical Center for further treatment of the cut to his hand.  Officers conducted a search, including a K9 search, but the suspect was not located.

In other crime news, reader KarlWalther reports of a heavily-armed arrest near Swedish Cherry Hill Monday afternoon.

9 thoughts on “Man stabbed in hand after refusing to give change near 29th and Cherry

  1. …has that K9 ever found his man? He’s going to start having self-esteem issues if he doesn’t get his teeth in a perp soon.

    to the victim, I hope you recover quickly.

  2. 29th and Cherry at 1140pm is a bad idea for anyone. Unless you have full body armor.

  3. 29th and Cherry should not be a problem for anyone at anytime. If you except it as a problem and live with it you are part of the problem and accept the containment zone of criminals and crime you live in. This corner should be cleaned up now we pay for it in taxes, where are the deliverables I paid for?

  4. What do we mean by cleaning up? We can’t even talk about what the problems might be in an open way. The discussion is distastefull. And as Seattlites we of course must pose as the elusive northern white snob of Eeeenglish leaning. Folks in NY, Houston, LA, Miami, Jackson, New Orleans can at least speak around the issue. But Seattle has to have a crushing squeeze on freedom of expression that fosters things like Grunge – a fun and interesting group that was so bent on escaping the snobbery that the recreated it in another bizzare demention.

    So we know 29th and Cherry is dangerous whether it ‘should’ be or not. As is Judkins Park after dark and many other areas and other broad swaths of the CD. Don’t argue with me if you stay inside all night.

    So what is cleaning up? Spend $1Billion on Seattle Schools and see if in 20 years we educate the little criminals? Lock up one hundred thousand more men for pimping, dealing, theaving, gang affiliation? Shoot them? None of that will do the trick.

    I suggest constant and massive night outs. Occupy your block if you will. Occupy your park. That means get out and walk every night. Stand on every corner and report abnormal behavior.

  5. Ever try to walk a dog through the CD? Rice, noodles, Chicken and Rib bones, Corn Cobs, and the excrements of 10,000 other dogs. No dog can make any sense of these streets. Except of course my dog.

  6. Grumbo is telling you to get out there while she sits and types diatribes in the comments. Interesting.

  7. I’m acutally highly engaged with my community on many levels. And I walk the streets of the CD nightly with my dog. Mainly because the dog wants and needs it, but, also because we both enjoy the purpose of monitoring the safety of our neighborhood. There aren’t many of us out there after dark, especially in the winter. I’m simply suggesting that the solution is that we all get out and walk. Criminals thrive on their percieved anonymity. As a community we don’t want and should not allow anonymity – that would preclude the concept of community. What gangsters and wanabees expect is that a modest threat level from their gangish style will keep us from even looking thier way.

    It takes more than a few guys at night to make a comunity. It takes the whole village to get out and engauge. Obviously I’m not a big Hillary fan, but, the concept has legs. Excersizing our legs will fullfill her dream. As the youth are no longer anonymous and feared, they will blend in to the norms we expect of them. As it stands now we expect a high threat level, shootings, stabbings, prostitution and drugs. Guess what we get?