Two robbed at gunpoint near 21st and Jefferson after responding to Craigslist iPad deal

The area around 21st and Jefferson was shut down for a bit yesterday evening as police searched for two people suspected of armed robbery, according to police.

The suspects met the two victims at 23rd and Jackson after arranging through Craigslist to sell the victims an iPad for $300. When they met, however, the suspects got into the victims’ car, saying they needed to pick the item up at 21st and Jefferson.

When they arrived, the suspects left the car to retrieve the item. When they returned a few minutes later, one suspect pulled a gun, and the pair demanded money and phones from the victims.

From SPD:

On March 19th, at approximately 7:35 pm, East Precinct officers responded to a report of an armed robbery in the 2100 Block of East Jefferson Street.  Officers responded and met with the victims.  The first victim told officers that two weeks he responded to an online advertisment and purchased an iphone from the suspect.  On March 19th,  the suspect called the victim and asked if he wanted to buy an ipad for $300.  The victim agreed to meet the suspect at 23rd Avenue South and South Jackson Street.  The victim and a friend arrived and met up with two suspects at the arranged meeting place.  The suspects then got into the victim’s car and drove to a location in the 2100 Block of East Jefferson Street to “get” the ipad.  The suspects got out, walked down the street,  and returned after about 10 minutes.  The suspects then sat in the backseat of the victim’s car.  The first suspect produced a gun and demanded money and phones from the victims.  One of the victims was punched in the head by the suspect.  The suspects then fled the car, running down the street and then entering  the building in the 2100 Block of East James Street.  The victims were able to call 911 and police arrived.  A K9 team and the East Precinct officers responded and assisted with checking the building.  Unfortunately, the suspects were not located. 

The suspects were described as:  1) black male, 16-19 years of age, 6-1, 140 pounds, short hair, black shirt, dark jeans, backpack.  Armed with a gun.

  2) black male, 20-24 years old, 6-1, 140, white shirt, longer length hair, jeans.

This remains an active and ongoing investigation.

10 thoughts on “Two robbed at gunpoint near 21st and Jefferson after responding to Craigslist iPad deal

  1. Why don’t the cops setup some sting operations but responding to these craigslist ads? Seems there is a ripe opportunity to catch some criminals and to set a precendent for nabbing little thugs like these that have depressed this neighborhood for decades. Let them rot in jail and steal sneakers from the other inmates.

  2. These victims had to know that the iPhone previously purchased was stolen. Didn’t they think the iPad was hot, also? Well, didn’t karma bite them on the fanny! Maybe now they will think of the original owner when offered a ‘deal’ on merchandise. Yeah, recycling.

  3. Humans never cease to amaze…even in this era of the interwebs and public knowledge of craigslists killing and robbing, humans still do it.
    We chant, again…. Craigslist transactions at STARBUCKS, inside… MANY PEOPLE around you.
    I leave shaking my head at this story.

  4. These buyers entered into the transaction with the intention of buying an obviously stolen item, so I really don’t feel bad about them getting robbed.

    Obviously we can’t have armed robbers running around so i hope they are caught, but as far as victims go these guys score a 8 on the “meh” scale.

  5. Are thest two people really, real? After all has been said and done by the Craigslist, or any other ad, why do Humanoids (they just can’t be human)! still think that it won’t happen to them. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is a lie. Great quote from someone, probably the armed robbers!

  6. I’m never picking up any expensive Criagslist item from a location in or around 23rd & Jackson. I have read too many stories involving Craigslist, Apple products, that corner, and armed robbery. Then again, I’m not in the habit of trying to purchase expensive electronic gadgets from Craigslist, because I know most of them are stolen in the first place. And WHY are they letting strangers they don’t know into their car to drive to the item? Common sense is no longer so common, is it?

    Frightening that the actual assault took place just blocks from my home, and even closer to Garfield. :(

  7. future winners of a darwin award, no doubt.

    btw, an ipad 2 goes for 400 bucks now…all that trouble to save 100?