The state’s got a 23rd and Union liquor store they’d like to sell you

When we posted earlier this week about the relative lack of liquor store license permits in the heart of the neighborhood, we may have spoken too soon. The rights to license a store at the current 23rd and Union liquor store location is up for auction.

Store 182 has been hawking booze since 1993, and it is among the many state-owned store locations that have the opportunity to bypass the 10,000 square feet minimum for private liquor stores mandated by I-1183. Voters passed the Costco-backed initiative in November. The current store is 4,347 square feet.

A provision of the new law would allow for smaller liquor stores at or near current state store locations. After winning the auction, the high bidder would have the exclusive right to apply for a liquor license in the area. They would also need to negotiate a lease with the property owner. If a lease does not work out, the auction winner may find a new space within one mile from the current location.

In addition to the right to apply for a license, they would have the chance to buy the store’s shelves and equipment as well as remaining booze for the mega cheap price of $7.97 per case.

But, prospective buyers, don’t get too exited about that deal. From the looks of the store’s recent retail sales, it won’t last long. Store 182 sold $3,541,604 worth of booze in 2011.

11 thoughts on “The state’s got a 23rd and Union liquor store they’d like to sell you

  1. Oh my, Get that piece of #$$% out of the neighborhood. If the city wants to improve the intersection, find a way to have all those options to stay not work out.

  2. That Liquor store is the only hi-lite of that corner – people like booze! it’s hardly the most important issue with this area. i would love to buy it and upscale it. any idea what the lease is on that place? who is the landlord? better selection of wine and booze and beer – speciality tastings etc. would pack in a crowd.

  3. Tom Bangasser. I have a call out to him to ask about plans for renting to a future liquor store if things work out.

  4. Cauchy – what’s wrong with the liquor store, in your opinion? I live close by.

  5. Cauchy, you good buy the license and exercise option #5 and do nothing with it.

    Crazy thing is this liquor store is by far the most expensive one on opening day of bidding. Larger stores with much more income are currently going for a lot less at this point anyway.

    It does say fixtures such as shelving gondolas are included.
    Good luck to all bidders from a future customer!

  6. Considering these stores’ levels of annual revenue (and the opportunity to have a government-enforced monopoly in the sub-10,000 sqft. liquor store market), these auctions will easily end in the low seven figures. Analysis of bid levels at 2% of the probable closing price is meaningless.

  7. Whoever get it lets make sure they do not fill the shelves and window display with 40 ouncers, irish rose, soul train and other fortified non wines like Grocery Outlet recently has ( right inside their door to the left of the wine display). That price for single malts they have is worth it!

  8. The bids so far are basically meaningless. The auction company wasn’t requiring any sort of pre-qualification to bid. The process was just changed and bidders must now pre-qualify with a deposit.

  9. Amen. The corner will always be a classless eyesore with a liquor store the dominant property. I use the post office all the time. I long for the day when some drunk or crackhead doesn’t accost me there on a friday afternoon/evening.