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No more free zone/hearing

Ride Free Area Open House March 29

The Ride Free Area in downtown Seattle is scheduled to be eliminated in September.

At the same time, riders will begin paying when entering the bus for all trips.

Metro is currently working with Sound Transit, Community Transit, and the city of Seattle on an implementation plan for the Ride Free Area changes. This includes options to address transportation needs for low or no-income people who use the Ride Free Area to travel to essential services in the downtown area.

You can learn more and comment one of these ways:

Public Open House: Thursday, March 29, 4-6:30 p.m. Union Station Great Hall, 401 S. Jackson St., Seattle

Reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities, or interpreters for people with limited English are available upon request by calling 206-684-1154. TTY Relay: 711

Phone message:Email: [email protected]

206-296-7643 206-263-9988 (Español) 206-263-9674 ()


One thought on “No more free zone/hearing

  1. I’m wondering if they are doing this not for money reasons but for the fact that the free buses downtown are rolling drugstores. First thing that comes to mind as someone who works downtown and rides them.