Liquor Board begins rulemaking process for Central Cinema

A week after visiting Central Cinema (a CDNews advertiser) to assess how the neighborhood cinema operates, the state Liquor Board has begun the rulemaking process to address issues that could threaten Central Cinema’s family-friendly business model. The potential changes come amid protest from city leaders and fans of the 21st and Union cinema.

The rules, created in 2010 without consulting or even advising Central Cinema, appear to be aimed at cinemas with little-to-no supervision. Think: Dark multiplex theaters full of minors. However, the rules would also ensnare Central Cinema, which has a restaurant set-up with servers to check IDs and make sure minors are not served. Indeed, the cinema has not had issues with minors drinking in its many years of operation.

From Central Cinema:

This just in from the Liquor Board:

The board has decided to begin rulemaking to amend WAC 314-02-027 or create a new rule to address your business model. At the April 4, 2012, board meeting the board will give their approval to the Rules Coordinator to file a CR 101 with the Code Reviser’s Office to begin rulemaking.

Karen McCall

Rules Coordinator


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