Mediterranean Mix opening second location at 23rd and Union

When the Beehive Bakery went belly-up in November, there were fears the former Philly’s Cheese Steak building would go back to being endlessly vacant. But that’s not the case this time, as Pioneer Square’s Mediterranean Mix takes over the space to open their second location (as noted in this community post by MarkJ).

“I’ve got a lot of plans for that place,” said owner Otmane Bezzaz, who also runs Pioneer Square’s historic J&M Cafe. The new Mediterranean Mix will have a similar menu to the Pioneer Square location, but the increased kitchen space will let them add a few extra items. In all, there will be about two dozen Greek and Mediterranean dishes to choose from, including their signature chicken and rice.

“We don’t buy frozen stuff,” Bezzaz said. “We make everything from scratch.”

With the opening of the Neighbor Lady next door planned in the next month, Bezzaz said he hopes the restaurant can help make the intersection more vibrant. The restaurant will close around 10 or 11 when it first opens, but the hours may extend as they get settled. They also plan to deliver.

Ever since the 2008 murder of Philly’s owner Dejene Berecha inside the restaurant, the space has found a hard time attracting tenants. Several people have warned him about the space being dangerous or even “cursed,” said Bezzaz. One person walking by on the sidewalk even warned him about the space while he was working on the roof recently. But he doesn’t believe it.

“I said, ‘Aw man, get out of here,'” said Bezzaz. “The area has changed a lot.”

25 thoughts on “Mediterranean Mix opening second location at 23rd and Union

  1. I don’t know DB but I love his point of view! Can’t wait to try Mediterranean Mix…

  2. So long as this is not a great Philly’s Best, the shooters have won. Stop trying to blame fast food. Is Ezelle’s a crime magnet? No, not really. Cursed? Nonsense. I don’t want to have to drive down to that smoky shithole on Rainier that can’t even keep themselves stocked with enough steak. Only a slightly important ingredient at a FUCKING CHEESESTEAK PLACE. I can get perfectly fine Mediterranean practically anywhere, dipshits.

  3. This is a great idea and your business is going to work here Otmane. There are hardly any food options for several blocks around 23&U. There are also hardly any thugs in the area anymore and mostly just hungry young families and working couples slinking around nowadays. BTW, Shitdemon is an ass and has no business posting on this forum. Cheesesteak is incredibly unhealthy food anyway.

  4. There are a ton of us on 22nd/Union that will be there to support you. Have an opening party and invite the neighborhood! It’s a wonderful community around here and we want you to succeed.

  5. Looking forward to stopping in. I am so glad we have a good food option within walking distance. Good luck Otmane.

  6. Oh good god, what melodrama.
    If you want an awesome Philly cheesesteak, try Tat’s in Pioneer Sq right on Yesler. I liked Philly’s Best but Tat’s is way better.

    BTW, I would say that yes, there does seem to be a lot of crime around Ezelle’s– but you can’t blame it on Ezelle’s. Things might be a bit less unsavory at this corner now, a lot of the sketchy crowd has dispersed for other places.

  7. Great to have many choices. Good luck to you and your food ventures, I will be in to try you out.
    I gets so any thing posted here provokes a emotional response, I should know ; )

  8. I am looking forward to the opening of this establishment. Any plans on reopening the drive thru?

  9. Its about time someone is doing something right with this place. Not only did we not need another coffee shop round here, the place was just weird. Gyros within walking distance? That’s more like it! With the Neighbor Lady and now this coming to the hood, me so horny!

  10. That was part of the hassle the Bee place had with opening.
    Walk up window? Seats in the walk up space?

    YAY! Glad this is really happening & glad that it’s an experienced restauranteur this time.

    BTW, it’s spelled “Ezell’s”–No “e” on the end, Mr. Lame.

  11. @Karl – No dice. The city has its pedestrian overlay plan for this area and won’t allow vehicular friendly businesses but rather wants to encourage pedestrian friendly businesses. The place sat vacant for too long and lost its grandfathered status.

  12. Totally ok with this, more walking and biking makes for a better neighborhood.

    Yea, strangely enough I never drove up to the drive thru when when the Philly steak place was open, I always walked up to it. A bike thru window would be cute.

  13. This is great news and a welcome addition. I never went the Beehive because I dont eat pastries and sweets. But real, good food? Yes, I will be there!

  14. real food! so much better than that stupid coffeeshop, although I do miss the cheesesteak joint

  15. The folks at Mediterranean Mix have always been cool and the food has always been really good. I’ve been going there for years and can’t believe they’re going to be in our neighborhood. Welcome and THANKS for opening up in this space. Best of luck to you!

  16. If the place does not work out, Churchs Fried Chicken want to open a place in the central district.