Man caught shoplifting from Grocery Outlet attacks employee

A repeat shoplifter shoved a Grocery Outlet employee shortly before 8:30 p.m. February 17 after the employee asked the man to remove the stolen items from his backpack.

The employee told police the man had stolen from the MLK and Union store in the past. Employees tracked him through the store with security cameras and saw him stuff items into his bag. When he walked past the cashiers without paying, the employee confronted him. After shoving the employee, he fled on foot.

From the police report:



10 thoughts on “Man caught shoplifting from Grocery Outlet attacks employee

  1. Shoplifting from the grocery outlet?

    Reminds me of the daily, “Shoplifter arrested at Goodwill” on the old CDN blotter. At least the victim is OK and didn’t get hurt over some spotty produce and stale Doritos.

  2. If you got stale Doritos return them. They will gladly give you your money back. But, don’t steal (from anywhere)!

    This GO has lots of organic foods, gluten free foods, great pico de gallo & most of the employees are nice.
    Glad the employee was okay.

  3. I love Groc Outlet for discount name brand toiletries, nice produce, hummus for $2 less per package than Safeway for the same brand, candy, wine, cereal, A1 sauce, you name it! I will never pay full price for shampoo or make up remover wipes again This week I got some great strawberries, nice asparagus, peppers at 1/5th the safeway price. Go Grocery Outlet! Boo haters.

  4. They are defs better than Red Apple; however due to their business model they can never really be a one stop shop.

    I remember in Highschool my friends mom use to sho there, strangely enough they were millionairs, but a good share of their boxes were dented, and he would always say things like “want some cheese its that fell off the back of a truck.”

    What I do give the gross out is it is a GREAT place to buy beer, espessially if a maunfacturer has recently changed their packageing.

    For the record returning Doritos just isn’t worth my time.

  5. I have never shopped at a store where the employees were friendlier than at GO on MLK. As far as one stop shopping, Americans are a bit spoiled by accessibility. It’s not that hard just to plan your meals around what is available that week in the store(at an amazing price!). The recent run of pomegranates for 50 cents and fresh mustard greens for 99 cents has been heavenly! I am totally in gratitude to GO being in our neighborhood.

  6. Man that does sound like a good deal. But who has time to pick at them. And stop hating on the haters.

  7. @Grumbo- no picking was involved; all of them were good! Also, what amount of time does it involve holding a piece of fruit? If the haters don’t want to go to GO, then it just leaves more for us lovers.

  8. I used to be a nay-sayer too… My husband was the shopper at GO for our family. But, time and time again he brought home the best deals of really great food. Sure, there are items there for sale that we wouldn’t choose, but that is the case at any grocery store.
    Not to mention I love the two japanese maples I bought as a total bargain there two years ago…
    Don’t knock Grocery Outlet until you’ve tried it. Its a good place and I heartily agree with Pat – the checkout staff there couldn’t be friendlier.