Jim Mueller Projects?

Has anyone heard anything from Jim Mueller regarding the status of his 3 projects? I’ve not seen anything happen at the 2 sites on Madison @ 21st nor the site on 23rd & Union. An update would be nice. 

EDITOR’S UPDATE: Things seem to be stalled like they were when we last checked in. Though financing for Capitol Hill projects seems to be flowing, it has not yet reached 22nd and Madison or 23rd and Union.

From Jim Mueller via email: “Nothing to report yet, still working on it, though.  Thank for asking!”

7 thoughts on “Jim Mueller Projects?

  1. One of these buildings won an award at the last AIA ceremony. It sure would be nice to see it get built some day….

  2. wish the news were a bit better though… hope he hasn’t bit off more than he can chew. With 4 projects all catatonic, it’s a bit disheartening for our neighborhood. Hopefully the project finishing up on 19th & Madison will push financing further down the block. I wish him luck & am sure everyone is hoping for the best.

  3. Sure would be nice if the city assisted in getting this going. 23rd and Union needs some help. If it does go up, it would be nice not to have the mandated zoning of chain linked fencing and barbed wire that is all over the intersection.

  4. my guess is that with all the development opportunity the city is creating around other spots e.g. light rail stations, south downtown, south lake union, etc — whatever investment money is out out won’t migrate to our neighborhoods…


  5. Too bad some of us put up major road blocks against plans for development in our neighborhood. ie. Goodwill Project. I am sure investors moved on to areas that were more welcoming.