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Help us catch a bike thief

A thief hit our house in the early hours of Sunday morning and made off with my husbands bike. It was a matte black 2006 Cannondale Bad Boy with disk brakes, larger padded seat with lights attached. 18 or 27 speeds – we can’t remember  now. We do have the serial number and original purchase receipt from Montlake Bicycles.

We have filed a police report, but are looking for your help in apprehending the guy who did it. After having our car broken into two previous times, we installed video cameras and have some decent shots of the man who did this. He’s young, probably late teens or early 20s, and appears Asian or Filipino. He’s wearing dark blue jeans, hanging low in the rear, with stitching on the pockets; a bright blue windbreaker jacket with a hood; and a knit cap that’s either dark blue or black with light colored writing on the front. Chances are he’s local or friends with a neighbor around Judkins Park.

Please take a look at the still shots we pulled from the video cameras to see if you recognize this young man. If you do, please contact Officer George at the East Precinct. THANK YOU!!

More photos can be found here:

6 thoughts on “Help us catch a bike thief

  1. The aluminum on that bike sells for a quick $17. Enough for a dime bag and pack of cigs. Every day there are several bike frames in the metal bin. Good luck. Wish I could make out his face better. Got may hatchet ready.

  2. I really want to help! I lost a bike to an idiot & have helped bust other bike thieves…

  3. I wish I could. Check out the link for the original photos. You can enlarge them on your screen to a certain point, but like most security systems, the resolution isn’t great.

    Thanks for helping though! We really appreciate it.

  4. It sure looked like he knew where he was going and what he was looking for. I’ll keep my eyes sharp looking for this creep. Once again I’m sorry you’re dealing with this BS.