Publicola: 2012 kicks off with string of shootings

A couple drive-by shootings in the Central District are part of a string of shootings across the city, many of which were gang-related according to Pubiicola. There is no indication which, if any, of the shootings are related.

Two people were injured in a shooting at 8th and Pine New Year’s Eve, and the shooters were chased to Capitol Hill, CHS reports. There was also a shooting a New Year’s Day shooting in the CD and a shooting at 23rd and Jefferson January 3 that stemmed from a disagreement.

More details from Jonah at Publicola:

That same morning, gang detectives were called to the scene of a shootout near a Belltown nightclub—which was captured on video by local masked crusader Phoenix Jones—and a gang member is also suspected in a drive-by shooting the Central District New Year’s Day, according to law enforcement sources. No one was injured in the Belltown or Central District shootings.

It’s not clear what brought on this recent rash of gang violence in Seattle, but it certainly doesn’t bode well for 2012. So what’s the city doing about gang violence?

Seattle’s multi-million dollar youth violence prevention program has apparently led to a drop in court referrals and arrests of juveniles for violent offenses. However, the program hasn’t brought on sweeping reductions in violent crime as SPD statistics say aggravated assaults—which include shootings and other serious attacks—climbed seven percent last year.

2 thoughts on “Publicola: 2012 kicks off with string of shootings

  1. There has been quite an uptick of wilding incidents of late, so this does not surprise me at all. Did they catch the shooters? If not, it would be helpful to have a description of the perps.

  2. Yea I have been hearing a lot of shots pupping off in the last few weeks, not just fireworks either, although there have been an uptick of those with the New Year.