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Privatization of Government Services, Assets and Functions Forum

“Jurisdictions across the nation are being besieged with proposals to privatize government services, assets, and functions. Everything from public schools, prisons, highways, bridges, military, Social Security, air traffic control, natural resources, national parks, tax collection to pension funds, voting machines, liquor sales, lotteries, worker’s compensation, welfare, and parks.  And with very mixed results.”

Thursday, Feb. 2, 7:30 PM,Seattle First Baptist Church 1111 Harvard Ave, Seattle

Moderator – Eleanor Licata

Speakers –

Don Comstock, PhD, Stanford, teaches political economics in the graduate Management and Leadership program and the Environment and Community program at Antioch University. Don has created and led public and nonprofit organizations in fostering community development and community-based economic development. He also has consulted with public agencies and small businesses and published in the areas of organizational and community change, critical theory and participatory research.

Nora Leech is a member of the National League of Women Voters Study Committee on Privatization and was the chair of the Seattle League’s 2009 study on Privatization. She currently serves as the chair of the Seattle League’s Economics and Taxation committee and serves on the State League’s Lobby Team. Nora is a long-time member of the League as was her grandmother before her.

Jim Sawyer, a political economist at Seattle University, writes extensively on “root causes” of economic dysfunction, particularly within the realm of economic ideas. At the beginning of the Great Recession, he was working in France as a Fulbright Scholar and publishing in Belgium, France, Great Britain and the United States.

This is presented by the League of Women Voters and as a part of a national study.  It is free to the public.

4 thoughts on “Privatization of Government Services, Assets and Functions Forum

  1. What a fargin outstanding event! I plan on being there. Thanks for letting us know Central District News!!!

  2. I claim ownership to Judkins Park. It is now private. You can still come there and enjoy my space, but, I will be driving out the criminals.

  3. I’m in, I wanna help. While we are at it, can I stake my claim to Pratt Park. I will be installing a post-apocalyptic themed tiki-bar and bonfire pit west of the playground.