New state bill could ease Central Cinema’s booze issues

Remember how the Liquor Board changed the rules for serving alcohol in a movie theater, endangering Central Cinema’s business model? Well, some Vancouver, WA legislators have proposed a bill that would ease the rules on theaters serving booze.

From Publicola:

However, they could get a reprieve from an unlikely ally: Vancouver Sen. Craig Pridemore (D-49), who’s proposing legislation that would allow minors into beer-serving theaters as long as those theaters adopt a “minor control plan” for keeping minors from drinking booze on the premises.

Central Cinema (a CDN sponsor) already has plans in place to keep minors from drinking. They don’t allow minors into late-night shows, the lights don’t go too dark so servers can keep an eye on patrons, and they card liberally. According to the bill text, a “minor control plan” would have to approved by the Liquor Board and posted at the establishment. It should show “where and when minors are permitted and the control measures used to prevent minors from obtaining alcohol, prohibit minors when drinking alcohol predominates, and minimize minors’ exposure to a drinking environment.” The Liquor Board would also be required to come up with rules that fit these requirements.

SB 6366 and its companion bill HB 2558 are being pushed by two Vancouver-area legislators to help Vancouver’s Kiggins Theater, but the bill would also seem to help Central Cinema. There’s no word yet if any Seattle-area legislators will jump on board to help the get the bill moving, but that would probably be a a very popular move among Central Cinema’s many fans (*wink*).

We’ve asked Central Cinama’s Kevin Spitzer for his opinion on the bill and will update when we hear back.

Text of SB 6366:


2 thoughts on “New state bill could ease Central Cinema’s booze issues

  1. I remember when the the Montlake Ale House could not allow minors and eventually community desires were heard and they now have hours when families can bring the kids. I know that this is different in that the Cinema already had adult hours only. However, it seems that the community support for Central Cinema is strong enough that if it can help it is there.