Car struck in drive-by shooting near 23rd and Jefferson, nobody injured

An early morning drive-by shooting near Garfield High School left a bullet hole in a car door, but police say nobody was hurt. The victim was in his car near 23rd and Jefferson around 2:45 a.m. January 3 when the shots rang out. He told police he has had a dispute with the suspect.

The shots came from a green, early 90s Suburban.

From SPD:

On January 3rd, at approximately 2:45 am, East Precinct officers responded to 23rd and East Jefferson on a report of shots fired.  There had been several calls to 911 of shots fired in the area, and officers were able to locate a victim in the 200 Block of 23 Avenue.  The vicitm told officers he was driving his car southbound on 23rd from East Jefferson when he saw a green, early 90′s Suburban pull up next to him.  The victim stated that he heard a number of shots coming from the suspect vehicle and heard the bullets striking his car.  The victim was able to pull his car into a parking area off the road as the suspect vehicle left the area.

The victim was not injured and his car had a single bullet hole in the front passenger side door.  The victim told investigating officers that he recognized the suspect as someone he has had a dispute with and officers are following up on that information.  Officers conducted an area check for the suspect vehicle but it had fled the area.

3 thoughts on “Car struck in drive-by shooting near 23rd and Jefferson, nobody injured

  1. Hello neighbors,
    My wife and I heard the shots this morning — so unfortunate and extremely disconcerting for many reasons…one being that we are to be new parents in June, and “that” is the last thing we want our child exposed to.

    It is really too bad that there are so many jack ass gangsters (assholes who need to grow up and get a real job).

    Aside from that, happy new year everyone.

  2. I am actually glad this victim snictched. The gangsta’s are unreasonable and play by different, more animalistic rules, I am glad this time, the victim worked w/ police.

  3. I seem to remember this being a vehicle of interest involved in a shooting near Powell Barnett Park last summer.