Bikery at 14th and Main needs your help

If you are not already a “hardcore biker,” simply going to a bicycle shop to get your ride rolling can be an intimidating experience. And it is that know-it-all culture than the Bikery (located at 14th and Mail) tries to avoid.

The Bikery is a volunteer-run, inclusive bike project at 14th and S Main St. For years, the Bikery has provided affordable parts and shop space for people to keep their rides rolling and learn bike maintenance skills in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

But the Bikery needs your help.

They are looking for more members, especially queer folks, women and people of color. They are looking to restart their Queers! Gears! And Cheers! repair days, but they need more volunteer staff to help get it off the ground.

The Bikery also needs cash for rent. They have a bunch of affordable bike parts and bikes for sale, and people can use the shop’s tools and space on open days for a suggested donation of $5 an hour (or more!). And, of course, you can help them out by simply donating money or needed shop materials.

These days, the Bikery is open Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. But if you have time, expertise or cash to help them out, the shop could be open even more…

From Benji at the Bikery:

we’re seeking more collective members, especially encouraging more queer folks, women, and people of color, as we’re needing more staff to keep up our hours and to restart our Queers! Gears! And Cheers! day (a queer-focused space to help demystify bikes for folks outside of mainstream bike culture). Also, we’re having some financial difficulties, and we only have enough $$ to last the next few months, and we’re now selling a whole bunch of really nice parts and cool bikes for super cheap. Stuff available can be seen at

(This story was also published at Seattle Bike Blog)

3 thoughts on “Bikery at 14th and Main needs your help

  1. I first read this as “a bakery” needs help, presumably someone to come eat some of their goodies. Oh, well – sigh!

    But I do wish them well – sounds like a good place.

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