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Alleycat Acres Community Farm Meeting this Saturday Jan 7th!

We have a new site! Its 2012! Lets get growing!

 What: Community Farm Planning Meeting

 When: Saturday January 7, 12pm-1:30pm

 Where: NE Corner of MLK and Cherry, next to the church

 Who: Community members, Alleycat Acres volunteers, friends and family

 Why: We have worked with the amazing landowner and community members to secure a deal to transform the space just north of the NE corner of MLK and Cherry into a community-run farm. We want to have a community meeting to discuss:

1)   How the community would like to utilize the space

2)   What the timeline should be for work parties and garden building

3)   What community partnerships can be formed around the use of the farm

4)   What materials/resources will be needed


We look forward to seeing you there!

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