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Mugging at 27th and Yesler

A friend (female, petite, mid twenties) was robbed of her phone by two young males at the bus stop on the north side of 27th and Yesler at approximately 10pm on 12/13. She was using her cell phone when the men knocked her down and took her phone from her hand. They then ran towards 27th and Fir. My friend was unable to pursue them, and was unable to get a good description. She intends to file a police report if not to apprehend the perpetrators, at least to inform the police of a hot-spot in my neighborhood. Please keep each other safe, and keep your guard up.

5 thoughts on “Mugging at 27th and Yesler

  1. Thanks for the tip.

    It’s starting to get a little rough out there, good advice to keep your guard up at all times.

    Hope the victim is okay.

  2. Appreciate the heads up. Getting to the point where I don’t feel safe using my phone outside at all. I need to buy a taser and nuke the bastards if they even look at my phone, make them think twice maybe.

  3. Ask the cops to check the video cameras in the area. I got mugged at 12th and E. Jefferson. The cops actually checked the video cameras in the area and caught him. He mugged 3 other people and they ID him too. Also, you can call your cell phone provider tell them the time you were mugged and get the phone numbers that were called after the time you were mugged. The cops can find him by checking out the numbers he called. My idiot mugger used my phone to make phone calls-this sealed the case! Get the numbers he called and give them to the detective on the case! Don’t use your phone in public anymore, you’re asking for it.

  4. Tazer them – I like that.

    Man, nobody messes with me. Kind of a waste of my abilities.

    They steal from defenseless people only.

  5. Seriously? Don’t use your phone in public anymore? You’re asking for it?
    You’re attitude makes me sick, maybe you should stop leaving your house, I mean, once you go outside where the bad guys are, you’re asking for it.