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Lost Australian Cattle Dog – UPDATE: Found after 22 days!

Our newly adopted Australian Cattle Dog got loose and bolted Saturday night, December 17. She was last seen near Cherry and 21st, running north. She has a blue merle coat, sort of grey salt and pepper, with some tan markings on her face and paws. She is two years, old, and sort of small for a Cattle Dog, about 30 pounds, maybe a bit over knee-high. She was not wearing a collar. She answers to Bonnie. 

Please call Jeremy at 206-484-6332, anytime, day or night, with any information. Even if you think you saw her, please let us know. 

Thanks so much for your help. 

UPDATE 12/25: From Tina: We saw Bonnie TODAY (Christmas Day) in the Arboretem – (she was scared but good) but we couldn’t get her.  We’re really hoping for a Christmas Miracle here and that she could sleep in her bed at home tonight!

She was seen a the Interlaken Intersection of the Arboretem – here’s a link to her word press site about here as well for pics and stuff:

UPDATE 1/9: After 22 days on the run, Bonnie has been found!

27 thoughts on “Lost Australian Cattle Dog – UPDATE: Found after 22 days!

  1. She followed us while we were out on a walk yesterday around 1p w/ our dog. She was on 29th Ave. South, walking south on the sidewalk towards Jackson. She stopped maybe a block shy of Jackson and seemed in no particular hurry to go anywhere (we thought she was turning to go back to her house). You may want to put signs up in the neighborhood, and of course, call the shelter.


  2. Rob,

    If you saw her at 1 p.m., that’s not her: she got loose around 9:00 p.m. Thanks so much for replying, I appreciate your help! Please do keep your eyes peeled.

    Someone saw her running northbound on 21st between Marion and Union. We have been focusing the search around that area, expanding north past Madison and east past 23rd.

    Thanks again!

  3. Thanks Rob.

    For anyone else looking for her, it sounds like she ran north on 21st up to where it deadends at the Planned Parenthood parking lot. I suspect she went east there, headed downhill. So, we think she likely ended up in Madison Valley or thereabouts. We’ve heard from a few folks who may have seen her headed that way, so keep your eyes peeled.


  4. We are still out looking hard for Bonnie. Any tips at all would be appreciated–even if you are just calling to say you haven’t seen her. 206-484-6332. Thanks again.

  5. I’m on the look out for her when I walk my dogs. I hope you find her. Is she microchipped? If she is, be sure to update her chip info to say she is lost. If you haven’t already, call the local vets in the area to see if anyone has brought her in – often people will take them in to have them checked for micro chips. And of course, check with animal control.

  6. Thanks for keeping an eye out for her, you have no idea how much we appreciate that. Bonnie likes other dogs, and there is a good chance she will come up to someone with dogs.

    She is chipped, and the chip information has been verified. We’ve contacted all the local vets, and are checking with all of the Seattle-area shelters daily.

    Lots of folks have been calling and emailing: we may have had a sighting yesterday evening, which we are working to confirm. Once we’ve verified that this was a legitimate sighting, I will post an update.

    Thanks again!

  7. A few folks have reported seeing a dog that may be her in the area where she was last seen, close to Union in the low 20’s. If you are in that area, keep you eyes peeled. She is shy, and will likely try to run away from a stranger trying to grab her. If you do spot her, it’s best just to call to let us know here she is hiding out.


  8. Took our dogs around the hood, from Marion to Madison, 20th to 22nd, asked anyone we saw. No word, no sightings.

  9. Thanks Branden! That’s great! Even knowing that you DIDN’t see her is very helpful.

    We have recevied a few tips about a dog around 24th and Union, but haven’t been able to confirm whether that is Bonnie.

    If anyone does spot her, please don’t chase her and try to catch her: the last thing we want to do is spook her and get her running again.

    Thanks again, we really appreciate all the help.

  10. Hmm. I’m not sure what is going on there: I thought it used to be centered on 21st and Union.

  11. We heard that a loose cattle dog was spotted wandering around near the Cupcake Royale on Capitol Hill. Not sure if it was Bonnie, but if you are in that area, please keep an eye out. Thanks!

  12. Yesterday we heard reports of a loose cattle dog in the Arboretum. We searched for hours, but didn’t find Bonnie (or any other missing dogs). If you are headed over that way, please let me know if you spot her. 206-484-6332.

  13. We have found a DIFFERENT lost dog. Please call if you recognize her: female, seems like an Airedale/Shepard mix, tan/pink collar with a black leash attached. Found in Madrona on 12/26. Please call
    206.550.9023 if you have any information.

  14. After 22 days on the run, Bonnie has been captured, and is at home safe and sound. Thanks to all that helped, we are amazed by the number of people that offered to help out, without having ever met Bonnie. We are working to take down all of our posters; if you see a neighborhood where they are still up, please let us know.

  15. Ya-a-a-a-ay! I’m so glad – have kept your phone no. with me and looked for her every time I’ve been out and about. Thanks for letting us know.

  16. That’s great news. Is there a crazy story behind it, like Louis, or was the dog simply just running around for days?

  17. The Squatters are back Occuping the home at 1909 East Spruce st. Seattle, Washington. 98122

  18. spiffy d, there isn’t a crazy story like Louis. Bonnie somehow made her way to the Arboretum, and hid out there for three weeks. She was spotted in Broadmoor a few times as well. Once she was on the run, she got very wary, and wouldn’t let anyone get near her, so she was hard to catch.

  19. congratulations! I’ll take down the posters when I see them .. I’m sure you & Bonnie need to bond ..

    Though you guys should do a few victory walks around the CD!

  20. Glad to hear she is safe and sound! Once she bonds with you she will never leave your side. This happened with my blue heeler too. Now he’s a “velcro” dog.

  21. I was walking past a sign today & wondering if she was ever found, so happy to hear that she has been! Sometimes I wish people would stamp ‘found’ on the posters that have a happy ending & leave them up for a couple of days… if I see any straggler signs I’ll pull them :)