9 thoughts on “homepage issue?

  1. It’s an ongoing bug. Most of the time, it will load if you refresh the page once or twice. Does that work for you?

    It does not affect all browsers and maybe not all operating systems. I get it every once in a while using Firefox on a Mac. What are you using?

    Anyway, yes, we will keep working on the issue. Thanks.

  2. Still no luck today after refreshing repeatedly and also closing and reopening IE7. It came up on Firefox.

  3. Sometimes it looks like it’s missing in IE7, but if I scroll all the way down past the right side bar I can see the stories.

  4. Tom, this evening the homepage is fine but some of the links are not; however if one scrolls down past the right sidebar, the pages are there. It might be related to the border definitions of the page and the sidebar – they appear to overlap a bit.

  5. I don’t know whether it’s a related problem, but sometimes when I click on “more” or on the header to get to the whole story, and try to print it, the picture overlays some of the words on the printout so that they cannot be seen or read.