What’s open in the Central District this Thanksgiving (open thread!)

If you don’t have any friends and family to spend Thanksgiving with this year, the Twilight Exit has got your back:

Broadcast Coffee is open for limited hours:

Some area grocery stores have limited hours:

Madison Market

until midnight Wednesday

Thanksgiving: 7a – 2p

Safeway Madison

regular hours 5a-1a

Trader Joe’s

Thanksgiving: Closed

Grocery Outlet

Thanksgiving: Closed

Promenade Red Apple

Open Thanksgiving from 7a – 7p

Liquor stores

Thanksgiving: Closed!

What else is happening in the neighborhood this Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments below. Also, what are you thankful for in your neighborhood? I’ll go first: All of you!

7 thoughts on “What’s open in the Central District this Thanksgiving (open thread!)

  1. Well, of course there will be the biggest turkey we could find, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashers & gravy, yams, green bean casserole, rolls, and perhaps a pie or two. Those are things that the Twi provides every year. However, people have been known to bring in a dish they made to share.

  2. From this morning’s dog walking adventure:
    Cortona- closed
    Katy’s- open ’til 1 (?)
    Tugo- open ’til 2ish