Transit Riders Union will launch with forum at 2100 Building

With huge cuts to King County Metro service narrowly avoided just months ago, more transit funding on the ballot due Tuesday and some major route changes on the horizon, transit is almost always a major topic on people’s minds and an important part of their lives.

Now, a group of people who say they are focused on expanding transit for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds is forming a democratic group to add another voice to the city’s transit conversation.

The Seattle Transit Riders Union will officially launch with a forum at 6 p.m. November 15 at the 2100 Building (2100 24th Ave S). James Bible, President of the Seattle Martin Luther King County branch of the NAACP, will speak at the event.

They also have a survey you can take online.

From the Transit Riders Union:

You are invited to a Public Forum and Inauguration of the Seattle Transit Riders Union on Tuesday, November 15th, 6-8pm

Featured Speaker:

James Bible 
President of the Seattle Martin Luther King County branch of the NAACP*

Why do we need a Transit Riders Union?

  • Deep bus service cuts were only narrowly avoided in King County…
  • Public transit is under attack in cities across the country…
  • Unemployment is rising and social services are shrinking…
  • The planet is warming and natural resources are dwindling…
  • The global economy is in crisis…

As individuals we feel helpless to do anything, because alone we are helpless. But what can we accomplish when we organize, when we stand up together? The new Transit Riders Union intends to find out.

Join us on November 15th for a discussion of the fate of public transit in Seattle and beyond. We will talk about the Transit Riders Union’s plans for the future, and announce our upcoming campaign. Short presentations by a panel of speakers will be followed by open discussion. Light refreshments will be provided.

The 2100 Building
2100 24th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98144

The 2100 Building is wheelchair accessible, and is served by the 4, 7, 8, 34, and 48 buses. It’s about half a mile from the Mt Baker light rail station.

RSVP not necessary, but if you’re sure you’ll be there and can let us know, that will help us to plan. Email [email protected], or call (206) 651-4282.

*for affiliation purposes only

2 thoughts on “Transit Riders Union will launch with forum at 2100 Building

  1. This will be a good time for those of us in the 67% to show our support for ending all metro service by the time troops pull out of Iraq. Let’s kill Metro today.

  2. Pros: sent a message to give state and county support for mass transit. It preached to the choir regarding the need for mass transit.

    Con: did little to empower riders and correct the mean spirit and wrong-headedness of upcoming proposals for changes to Metro service in Seattle. It did little to empower those who use Metro and advocate for Metro (the patrons). It did not inspire them to see that their support of this group would do anymore than support some small groups of special interests compared to a majority of riders. They are confusing the true patrons with some mass transit activists with a specific agenda. Finally the only person willing to speak to that aspect confessed to be mainly a bike rider. Being a bike rider helps her understand bicycle needs in the city. However brave, she is not able to speak the bus/mass transit needs. Bicycles use the road and should be obeying and respected under vehicle needs and laws. the should be examined more under the roads issues than those issues involving addressing mass transit or pedestrian needs and laws.