SPD surrounds 21st Ave home — UPDATE: Eddie’s not there

SPD units are demanding a suspect give himself up in a standoff on 21st Ave between Union and Pine. We don’t yet have details on what lead to the situation but we have reports of a flash-bang going off and police attempting to communicate with the suspect via bullhorn and demand that he come outside and give himself up.


5 thoughts on “SPD surrounds 21st Ave home — UPDATE: Eddie’s not there

  1. There are cop cars at 22nd and Pine….. I certainly heard the flash grenade go off (thought at first it might be the sub station) I can also hear them occasionally speaking to the person. It sounds like they may have a helicopter either on the way or waiting….. I’d love to know what it’s all about and just how concerned I should be.

  2. Man that’s too bad. I used to live across the street from there. Eddie was always a really friendly neighbor who seemed to definitely have some history with the police, but I never quite figured out the details. I hope it all works out OK with nobody getting hurt.

  3. I walked right through on my way home around 11:30. I was surprised no one stopped me or asked me to go around. I walked right by the officer that was talking, then he ran towards the front of the house with his hand on his gun. Obviously I stopped and backed away because I didn’t know if a shooting was about to happen. Since no shots were fired I crossed 21st only to see another police officer hiding behind an SUV with a rifle in his hands.
    Too close for comfort for me.

  4. this is on my nightly dog walk route … the picture is on 20th, I have no idea what house this action involved but the entire incident gives me pause