SPD: Police searching for 12th/Jackson marijuana dispensary robbers

From SPD:

On 10/31/11, at approximately 9:30 a.m., a medical marijuana dispensary in the 1200 block of S. Jackson St was robbed.  According to the employees at the facility, two armed suspects “bum rushed” one of the employees from behind as he was entering the facility. The suspects were wearing gloves and nylon masks concealing their faces. Both were armed with handguns. They ordered both employees into a back room and demanded access to the safe.

The suspects took an undisclosed amount of cash from the safe and escorted both victims to a bathroom area and closed the door. The suspects fled the scene. The victims waited a couple minutes to make sure the suspects were gone, and then called 911. Numerous units responded to the call, but the suspects could not be located.

The Robbery Unit responded to process the scene and interview the victims. The surrounding businesses were also canvassed for potential witnesses.

Anyone with information about this incident or who may know the identity of the suspects is asked to call the Seattle Police Robbery Unit at t 206-684-5535.  Anonymous calls are welcome .

5 thoughts on “SPD: Police searching for 12th/Jackson marijuana dispensary robbers

  1. Right, how many folks in this neighborhood really need pot for their alements? This is a BS drug dealing front just like the Florida oxy pill mills. Only fools buy into this helping poor gloucoma patients stuff.

    If pot is going to be a legit drug then lets sell it in the pharmacy. It’s time to crack down on sleezy dope mills and pharmacies run wild. Hard time and financial ruin is what we need to deliver to drug dealers.

  2. All of you people that are for marijuana use please find and thank these idiots for ruining the legalization of marijuana for legit purposes. After the next round of voting for this fails please remember these idiots and blame them, not anyone else.

    Also I agree Grumbo. If medical marijuana does get passed I think it should only be sold by either the government or pharmacies to help prevent illegal sale of these drugs.

  3. You don’t freewheel sell drugs at a pharmacy. You go pick up drugs that you can’t normally obtain without a prescription from your physician. Every person who goes to a co-op has to have a doctor’s rec (pretty much a prescription) so in effect they ARE going to the “pharmacy” to get their legally prescribed medicine.

    The people who actually have glaucoma and benefit from cannabis (you can continue to ignore all the research out there if it helps you sleep at night and maintain your false positions) are the people you are hurting the most with statements like those. Pot IS legit medicine, whether you cast a blind eye to it or not. But I guess the folks at places like the American Academy of Family Physicians, American Cancer Society, American Medical Association, etc. don’t really know what they’re talking about when they endorse it as effective. Let me know what basis, what research, what conditions, what experience, YOU actually hold to make statements such as those.

    If you meant BS as in people without qualifying conditions are getting access to cannabis, then that is a different issue. But I must ask – so what? It is little wonder that almost everyone I have run across who doesn’t think everyone(adult) should have access really has no idea about how pervasive, how easily obtained marijuana is. The people who want it already have it. Your kids can pick it up at school far easier than getting beer. Now how about we make it so it is harder for underaged folks to obtain, and sell it to those already enjoying it in a controlled, economically viable and beneficial manner? In shops that pay taxes? That have to stand up to reputation and operate under defined laws? The staunch anti-cannabis folks won’t ever be setting foot in these shops, the people who already smoke definitely will, and those curious but on the fence finally have a responsible way to partake. Also, why would you want the gov’t to control and sell yet another product on their own? You want red-signed government “pot shops”? So we can tussle over another bill in the future trying to get private sales for cannabis opened up? Don’t push for legality only to immediately throw control right back into the government’s hands.

    CDHuman, the people voted over a decade ago (I-692, 1998) to provide people with conditions medical marijuana. It doesn’t need to get “passed” – it already had been. Gregoire neutered and amended the med marijuana laws this year from the proposal that would have pointed us in the right direction. Special amendments then were made again and this is why Seattle dispensaries are still in operation.

    You want to know who is really “ruining it” for everyone? People who continue to spout off black and white statements without actually having done any research, without actually having a clue to back any of those statements up. I’m certainly not going to blame some random robbers who could potentially hit any business for the failures of the actual voting populace to make sensible and economically viable decisions about cannabis when the time rolls around.

  4. Wat you hit the nail on the head exactly, these anti-legalization people are just bitter, uninformed, and brainwashed by the decades long propaganda campaign. These kind of people can’t be swayed by facts, testimonies, or anything else because they think they know what is best for everyone. I’ve been smoking since I was 14, wayyy too early to begin smoking and now I’m 22. I wish I had not been swayed by all my friends and classmates who were starting to smoke, but the fact is it is less controlled and easier to access. Get a clue people like Grumbo and CDhuman, talk to someone like me who has been smoking for over a third of their life and has actual insight into what is going on before you make your ignorant statements.