Robbery Roundup: Cab driver put in choke hold at 22nd and Cherry

Here’s a roundup of some recent street robberies in the neighborhood.

22nd and Cherry, 1 a.m. October 26

A cab driver parked his car on Cherry and was walking to a restaurant he and several other drivers frequent when a man came up behind him and got him in a choke hold. A second suspect then took the victim’s phone and wallet. The suspect holding him then punched the victim in the head before the suspects fled. From the police report:

Yesler and MLK, 1:45 p.m. October 24

A man riding to work on the number 8 bus was punched in the face and had his phone stolen near MLK and Yesler, according to the police report. The suspects got off at the stop and fled. They were not found.

From the report:

MLK and Cherry, 3 p.m. October 20

A young man was jumped near MLK and Cherry, but he was able to get away before they took anything of significant value. Though he was punched an kicked, the suspects only got away with 75 cents. From the police report:

22 thoughts on “Robbery Roundup: Cab driver put in choke hold at 22nd and Cherry

  1. What is going on around here? This is ridiculous! It’s getting to the point where we can’t walk down the street in broad daylight or ride public transportation without getting jumped, robbed or beaten.

    And no one seems to ever be caught.

  2. People who primarily walk, this may sound like a pain, this is a response to the nature of these attacks. Put a dummy wallet in your pocket and stash your money somewhere else on your person. Do not show your phone in public. Stash it somewhere on your person when you walk. Best to leave it at home though. Be alert. Be prepared. Carry a whistle or mace, and have your finger on it when you walk. Protect yourself as much as you can. It won’t always work but it can help.

  3. Read through some of the other posts here defending people that do these things and that is why this happens. There should be no defense of people like this. What if that cab driver needed the money in his wallet to survive one more day and now he cant? The robbers sure didnt care and may have well killed him. Extreme I know but not thinking extreme is why this is allowed to happen.

  4. Funny, this is the same advice a native Mexican gave me as I was describing a corrupt police shakedown. At least we are better off than that.

    Can we get Phoenix Jones in the hood?

  5. Phoenix Jones is too busy looking for a job after getting fired for being a trouble-making dipshit.

    Don’t we have enough assaults around here without Phoenix Jones pepper-spraying innocent women? And she almost beat his tool ass down before they were separated. Good on ya, lady!

  6. From Madronaneighbor – “Carry a whistle or mace, and have your finger on it when you walk”

    I had a few of those little mini pepper sprays laying around, and out of pure bordom I decided to test one and found it barely sprayed more than a foot or two with little to no pressure, so I tried the other two I owned and they were useless as well. I wouldn’t even think of trying to pull out that weapon in any real defensive situation. Nor would I bother with b.s. karate, or a whistle, or anything other than this:

    Its very easy to get a concealed carry permit in the CD, and honestly if more people packed heat these assaults wouldn’t be a problem at all. Its amazing to walk the street and not feel vulnerable AT ALL. You dont need to wear a superhero custom to be an everyday vigilante – just carry a Smith and Wesson. Of course not everyone can easily partake in the right to keep and bear, and in that case you are just screwed, nothing you can do but hand over your iphone and purse/wallet – dont even bother trying to fight back unless you enjoy beatings.

    And to the thugs (whom obviously dont read this site.. but maybe their brothers, sisters, mothers do and can pass on the message).. The next person you attempt to bonk on the head and rob, that person may just well drop you dead in the street. Its just a numbers game until you encounter someone like me on my street, and from the number of incidents your number is close to being up. You cant recognize my people by looking at us, but we are the 45% (of Americans with guns).

  7. Wow. This is the stuff I used to do when riding the NY subways at 4am. Didn’t think I would need it in my neighborhood in broad daylight. But, sadly, I have to agree with you. Given what I am seeing and hearing around the neighborhood, I have started carrying mace (I have never giving up the decoy purse or whistle habit). Tried lugging around the bear mace as I am also sick of the lose dogs, but that was too bulky so I am down to the good ‘ol “Sabre” brand mace. Consistently works and easy enough for the kids to use. I don’t hide it either. Was also taught to make yourself appear the least desirable target.

  8. Unless you are walking with your ‘piece’ out of the holster or can spin it out and around old west style at the drop of a pin, they are of little help. You see the rats work in pairs, or in packs as one grabs your arms, while the other is going through your pockets and holster. A concealed permit won’t help against this and when they are through, they have your gun. I am all of packing heat and the dream of protecting myself, but one must be reasonable. A fully charged can of mace, a whistle, and more importantly, being completely aware of your surroundings will help in being safe w/out too much machismo.

  9. littleoldlady said –
    “your number is close to being up”

    Sounds like you are very eager to kill someone and be a badass vigilante.

    I am much more afraid of “your people” as you say, than getting mugged. Most likely outcomes include your gun getting stolen or you shooting someone by accident. You can’t control those bullets once you fire them, O Great CrimeFighting Superhero.

    I’m a responsible gun owner. Are you?

  10. At the end of the day I dont like nor accept the victim attitude that seems to kind persist with some of the folks around here. Its not about being eager to go on a killing spree at all, its more of a message that my neighborhood is not a safe place for thugs to roam around mugging without consequence. That there are people here that stand up for themselves and their neighbors and wont accept a reality of “leaving the Iphone at home” to keep it from being taken away. No way. Not me. Its a message that if the thugs bonk a person on the head and try to make a run for it that there are folks here that dont really see the need to wait for the cops to find time to “investigate”, and they will at a minium try to get a mugshot of the perps, and at a maximum get a headshot. On a whole the neighborhood is getting safer every year but not because people are hiding in their homes waiting to go outside on the “safe days”, but instead because I at least for one will walk right up to someone that I dont recognize, that I KNOW doesn’t belong in MY alley and strait up tell them to beat it and never ever come back ’round here, and I dont believe I’m alone in being aggressive in defending my area. Definitely I feel the need to be very clear in the only forum I have that the CD is not the home of victims at all. I do not like daytime muggings and I want it to stop now.

    Here’s a thought for those who tend to walk around during the day. If someone comes up behind you and grabs you, instantly slam your head back as fast and hard as you possibly can, then run for it. You’ll have a chance to make a break for it. If you notice some thugs scoping you out go ahead and grab the first orange sized rock that you can reach… Dont hide the fact you are wielding a rock. Nobody likes to get hit with a rock.

  11. “I KNOW doesn’t belong in MY alley”

    Good question. What I mean is that I know who my neighbors are. I know what they look like, most of their names, and to some degree what to expect from them as far as the people hanging around their homes. For instance, none of my neighbors use IV drugs behind my house, nor would they have company that would do the same. So if someone is standing behind my house, shooting up meth/crack/h.. whatever, those folks are great candidates for me to step into my alley and ask them to “beat it, and never come back”.

    I dont know what neighborhood you live in, but in mine, in not that distant a past, adults would cruise through the alleys on bicycles, or walking back and forth looking in backyards and generally just looking out of their freaking minds.. and if they aren’t softly calling for a lost pet.. and they just dont seem to “fit in”, I might step out of line and confront the person. I’ll ask them what they are doing?.. for instance “What are you doing here?”. And when they feed me a totally obvious bullshit line I ask them to “why don’t you beat it, and never come back”. I’ve had someone knocking on my car window at night asking for bus money.. aggressively panhandling.. My response is not to quiver in my car, but instead make it very clear that behavior in unacceptable, unwelcome, and very close to escalating out of their control.. and then leave them with the “beat it, and never come back”.

    But to answer your question directly, “MY alley” is roughly half the width of the alley way spanning the length of my property. Its a designated no fly zone for thugs.

    Maybe my comments are coming across as somehow racist, or violent, or just crazy.. I dont know how I’m being perceived here – so let me disclose – In no way would I ever act out based on race, or is my intent to be violent or harm people.. not even close. My only intent is being a good neighbor and trying to do what things I can to make the CD safer.

    Some time ago someone told be about watching a neighbors house be scoped out, then being robbed, and then the robbers were gone. The person witnessing called the police and waited inside the house quietly. The cops didn’t get there until hours later. The robbers were never caught.

    In my world I at least yell from across the street at the robbers WHILE they are scoping out the house.. tell them to “beat it, never come back”. I’m off my soap box, but I’d like to hear from others what they actively do to make this place safer…

  12. The increase in safety of the neighborhood has absolutely nothing to do with people like you telling people anything. It has everything to do with developers tearing down older homes and building condos for a more wealthy resident. And where is “your” alley?

  13. Come on! All this defensive stuff is crazy. Get a dog from the pound, that is the best “safety” measure one can take in this neighborhood. It keeps you walking and outside. In addition you might meet more of your neighbors who include these punk ass nickel and dime jackers. Frankly if they recognize you then they will think twice about jacking you.

  14. littleoldlady – you sound angry.

    angry people with guns who go on about how the neighborhood is YOURS, the street is YOURS, the alley is YOURS, and want to be a “everyday vigilante” as you said, scare the muthafrickin shizz out of me.

  15. wheres all the ‘police are too tough and mean’ comments now? these poor suspects are surely wrongly accused misunderstood children who were victims of society. dont be too harsh on them. they just need a hug. poor kids

  16. I said “more wealthy”, and in terms of the neighborhoods previous state it would be considered wealthy.

  17. @Eric. Getting a dog is a very big responsibility some people may not want or are able to undertake. Mace is cheaper and you can take it anywhere you go(even in playgrounds). The instinct of the person sprayed is to bring their hands to their eyes/face so they let go and gives you an opportunity to run away.

  18. This is really sad. Do you guys think something like neiborhood watch around cherry would be beneficial?