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Cars broken into on Weller?

I heard that some cars were broken into last night (11/10/2011) on the 1600 block of S Weller St. Does anyone know anything more?

7 thoughts on “Cars broken into on Weller?

  1. Well, not that many of you will be sad, but. They got me last night. Busted out the window and stole some pennies out of the ash tray. Cost $300 to fix the window.

    No bigs. It’s the price of living in a society tolerant of criminals. I can afford it. Can you?

  2. A young woman was mugged at 18th and Jackson at about 6:15 pm. Police and fire responded. Looked like minor injuries. She appeared to be about 20, asian. Very well dressed. Perhaps a bit on the tarty clubing it side. Looks like bandages were applied and plenty of sobbing.

    We gotta get these mugger fuggers. Crime cannot be tolerated.

  3. Suspect was 5 10 20ish BM in a black hooded jacket. Purse stolen. More muggings by the minute going on right here.

  4. People being mugged in broad daylight, at bus stops, at busy intersections. Seeing that my neighbors are families, young couples, single women, I moved to the north CD without any previous notion of the crime rate…and now I’m moving out after less than a year of being here. Bothered by too many strange men right outside of my own home. How is this going to get any better?

  5. Too bad. We need more mountain gals to help drive the creeps away. Good luck in North Bend. Nice town bud kinda sleepy.