Trailer for Halloween Collide-O-Scope at Central Cinema

The folks at Slog posted this trailer for Collide-O-Scope’s not-for-kids Halloween edition at Central Cinema (a CDN sponsor):

Collide-O-Scope starts at 7 p.m. followed by Tremors at 9:30. Because who needs Halloween candy when you can have Halloween Bacon?

Also, there is a haunted house at 26th and Fir:

Bravery in the face of monsterous peril will be rewarded with fantastic candy. Unless they’re just lil tykes, then they don’t have to be quite so brave. 5-9 pm

Know anything else going on around the neighborhood this evening everyone should know about? Want to post a photo of your cute/funny/awesome Halloween costume? Please do so below!

One thought on “Trailer for Halloween Collide-O-Scope at Central Cinema

  1. Perhaps my laziest costume ever. Find Fox Moulder FBI badge online. Print it. Pin to suit you already own. Spend evening appreciating other people’s much better costumes.